Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Story--It's Positive!

Written March 7, 2010

4:30pm---As Drew napped, I sat on the loveseat clipping coupons while Kacie and Andrew played on their respective computers. I saw a coupon for a clearblue easy digital pregnancy test. Was I pregnant? We didn't know yet, but we were praying that we would be in God's perfect timing. I clipped the coupon and decided I would test on the 13th. After I told Kacie I clipped them, she said, "Wanna take a test now?"

"No. I don't wanna be disappointed cause I don't think I'm pregnant."

"Well, take this test and you'll know for sure."

"You're pregnant," Andrew said. (He also called it when I got my first positive test with Drew.)

"I really don't think I am," I said, and brushed off the idea of taking the test. Well, I tried to brush it off. As I sat there, it nagged at me--the feeling to know. Is there a life within me? I was only at 10 days past ovulation, so the chance of the test showing up positive even if I were pregnant was only 51%. But there was a chance...

I stood up, grabbed the test, and told them I'd be back to announce my negative test in a moment.

As I sat in the bathroom, I felt the Lord tell me he was going to bless us with a child within his perfect timing.

I tested and sat the stick on the ground while I watched my wristwatch tick.

I glanced down at the test. No line.

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

I was honestly about to throw the test away because it wasn't going to go from negative to positive in 30 seconds. But then I glanced down...

But it had!

I glanced down and saw the faintest of lines. But you know what they say--a line is a line. I flew by Kacie in the hallway, running towards the natural light. I called Andrew over and said, "I think it's positive!"

It was! You know what I did first? Ran to take a vitamin...just like I did when I found out I was pregnant with Drew. Only this time I didn't almost choke and die. I chewed a Flinstone this time.

We decided not to tell anyone outside of who already knew (Kacie & Andrew), but were bursting at the seams to tell at that very moment! We were going to be the parents of TWO beautiful children! I spent a lot of the rest of the evening praying silent prayers to the Lord, thanking Him for his blessing, praying for his protection over the child's health. I teared up as I rocked my Drew to sleep, amazed that God had this in plan for me...that he'd heard his servant's prayer for a child.

Praise God for this beautiful gift of life!

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