Sunday, June 6, 2010

16 Week Update on Baby #2

So what's happening at 16 weeks?

The belly is out! I feel like I did when I was around 20 weeks at this point with Drew, size-wise. It's getting uncomfortable to bend forward to pick up something on the ground. Guys, if you can imagine a small balloon being implanted in your lower abdomen, you can imagine what the resistance would feel like! For that reason, it's more uncomfortable to lie in my favorite sleeping position (I dread when that favorite position is completely gone for the remainder of this journey...).

I'm not craving much of anything really. I'm back to eating anything except pizza and tuna. ICK. I haven't gained weight so far, but I feel like it will definitely catch up with me soon. I didn't lack weight gain with Drew (44 lbs!!!!), so I'm expecting the hunger strikes and weight gain to come soon! I do eat right before bed so I don't wake up in the middle of the night with a growling tummy.

Not feeling any movement yet, unfortunately. I'm hoping to start feeling those flutters in the next week or so! I think part of the problem is I'm never still long enough to feel them without falling asleep at night. ;)

Drew still has no idea that his little self centered world is about to be totally rocked. I dread that transition for all of us, but I know having a sibling is going to be such a blessing to him once they get well acquainted. Our plan for him is to transition to a toddler bed (and possibly new room) in September. This should give us around 2 months to get him adjusted to his new bed and surroundings. We'll definitely be using rails on each side of the bed. I dread this transition because I'm scared it's going to mess up our beautiful sleeping pattern--9pm-9am. Can you blame me?! Oh has to be done!

Other than this, we're just chomping at the bits to find out the gender of this sweet baby! I see "boy" is in the lead on our blog poll now! June 28th....hurry up!!!!

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