Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yet Another Random 10

My flight of ideas is so random today that I have no earthly way of stringing them all together to make them sound even semi-related. You'll see what I mean!

1. I think I may be the only person in North Mississippi who knows how properly to work a 4-way stop. Do you ever feel that way? I think we should scrap the current MS state driver's test (which included this question on my test, by the way: What do you do if you are stalled on the side of the road and need assistance? Uh....use a cell phone? Turn on your hazards? Flag someone down? Wrong! Tie a white cloth to your antenna. Hope your undies are white that day cause apparently hot pink or zebra stripes won't work). What should we replace this current test with? A test on how to work a 4 way stop. It would eliminate 90% of drivers, I do believe.

2. This is what happens when I take Drew to the store with me these days:
  1. Put Drew in basket
  2. Instruct Drew to sit down multiple times
  3. Allow other shoppers to be tortured while Drew yells "Bawl!!!! Bawl!!!!" at every round object he sees.
  4. Fight Drew for the debit machine pen at check out as he cries for a ball while convincing him he still has 3 balls in the truck, 1 in his hand, and 15 in my living room floor.
3. We went to a couple's shower last night and had so much fun. We met some very sweet new people who I fully intend on friending (did you know friend is now a verb?) on Facebook and looking at every single one of their pictures.

4. I am so ready to feel this baby kick and flutter around inside me. I felt Drew at 17 weeks and expected to feel this one sooner. Seeing as how I'm 16 1/2 weeks now, I'm hoping to feel this little baby soon!

5. Cute shoes are not always worth the blisters that follow. My feet asked me to include that one.

6. We have Drew's birthday party getting closer. We're doing a primary colored polka dot theme. Andrew said it was "girly," but I said next year he'll be requesting some Disney theme so I'm rolling with this "easy to decorate around" theme this year. It won't scar him for life. ;)

7. I was signing Drew up for VBS today and was told Drew would be able to go to the 2 year old class. The nice lady said, "Do you think he's ready?" "What do you mean?" I responded. "To be in a class," she said. "Does that mean he has to sit still in a chair?" I asked, sensing the response. "Yes," she said. "Then, no," I said. I laughed at the thought of those poor teachers trying to get Drew to sit in a chair and color something or listen to a story! Not happenin'!

8. Do any of you do TV or radio ratings? Right now I'm getting letters from Nelson and Arbitron. They are so easy and send me anywhere from $2-$30 just for filling out information and opinions on TV and radio. They probably get more than an earful, but they keep asking me!

9. It's 95 degrees and barely June. Fall, anyone? I'll just admit...I think summer is my least favorite season. Bugs, sweat, and heat equate to no fun for this girl. Throw into the mixture a little boy who LOOOOOOVES the outside, and we're a not-so-great mix. However, I'm trying to sacrifice. I get up and get him outdoors right after breakfast and come fall onto the floor of the air conditioned house in an hour.

10. I'm about to work on a 16 week pregnancy post....stay tuned. :)


Ben and Audrey said...

i completely agree with you about summer. it is definitely my least favorite season. its june 6 & i'm already ready for the fall & winter! Jack is obsessed with going outside. and i dread the humidity & heat. swimming is nice but i'd trade it for the cool of fall any day!!! is it september yet?!

Jack is the same way in target. i try to avoid the toy aisle with balls at all costs. he will just reach for them & say "bawl" and then proceed to cry until he has one in his hands. i must admit, sometimes i buy him one just to keep him quiet while we are in the store! we now have 37 balls at our house!! he is ALL boy!!

p.s. i can't wait to find out what you are having!! and we must have a playdate soon. jack has strep right now but when he gets better, lets get together!!

Amy said...

It's not a polka dot's a ball theme! :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't think it's girly. Primary colors are for boys!! And I know someone who did this for their 1 year old party and it was precious!

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