Monday, July 26, 2010

July Catch-Up

I'm sitting here surrounded by forms--medical, insurance, registration--all to bring my little girl into the world. Why in the world does something that was made to be so natural have to be so expensive & complicated?! Don't worry though; I'm not here to get on a medical/insurance soapbox. At least not until December when the bills start rolling in. ;)

So we've been quite busy around here the last few weeks! Between vacation, out of town visitors, and Andrew's trip to Phoenix for a week, we haven't slowed down. This past weekend was a much needed relaxer! Andrew's mom came to watch Drew on Friday night while Andrew and I went out on our first "alone" date in close to 6 months. We were way overdue! We didn't do anything incredibly exciting, but we had a really good time. We ate dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse (a yummmmy treat!), bought me a new pair of jeans at Motherhood Maternity (mine were SO uncomfortable that I walked out of the store in the new pair--yep, I'm that girl!), walked around Lowe's designing our unfinished upstairs, and finished off the night with dessert at Steak n' Shake. It really was so refreshing just to spend time talking to one another and reconnecting in the midst of a crazy summer.

Then, on Saturday Drew woke up and threw a small wrench in our relaxing weekend. We noticed a rash on the bottoms of his feet. Later in the day, we noticed spots on his hands and, finally, ulcers on his lip. Yep. We have hand, foot, and mouth disease, a lovely virus that we probably picked up while bustling around doing errands in Target and WalMart last week. Thankfully, it hasn't bothered him too much, but the blisters haven't started forming on his feet quite yet. I fear we're headed there, though. Please pray for us! We're going to have to keep him quarantined for most of this week so as not to spread this to other kiddos.

Little Miss Hannah (my nickname for baby girl) is just as active as ever. I was positive that after birthing and raising for 2 years such a ball of energy that the Lord was surely see fit to give me a calm, still, easily entertained child. HA! I'm just not sure that's the case! She's quite the mover and groover, and I love feeling all her little kicks. They are getting more distinguishable so that I can tell if they are caused by a small hand or foot or from turning about. I do look forward to being able to feel her hands and feet on the outside of my belly. Such an awesome thing to experience!

Hannah's room different than 6 months ago. Still a guest bed/office, but her closet is in the beginning stages of being cleaned out. I guess if all else fails, she can sleep in the closet, right?

Mr. Drew is just as busy as ever! Drew determined last week that we didn't have enough art in the dining room, so he decided to fix that problem! I told him about how that wasn't nice and that we should only color on paper....then I took his picture. I just couldn't resist!

(Little Andrew....minus the eyes he got from mommy!)

He's just talking up a STORM! He makes little sentences such as: I hold, I help, I cook, I walk, I nice, I close, I poo (lol), etc. He's picking up on words all the time and becoming more of a "parrot" than ever. I love seeing his language skills develop! After 2 years of not being able to understand him, it's nice to be able to communicate both ways with Drew. It really helps!

OB-wise, things seem to be progressing just as usual. Wednesday is my glucose tolerance test (bleh). I failed last time by 7 points and had to do that horrid 3 hour repeat test to pass. I plan on NOT eating and drinking coke until 12am this time so that hopefully my results will pass me the first time around. I'm still tethered to this heart monitor for the next week. It will be one of the happiest days of my life when I can pack this thing up and mail it back! I'm still so on-the-fence about which way to go: VBAC or Csection. There are pros and cons to both, and I'm looking forward to hashing them over with my doctor this week. I really would just feel better if I had a firm decision in my head to run with. I'm such a planner by nature that the "not knowing" of this situation is really bugging me. Have any of you had to make this choice?

Well, I'm off to tend to the little one and spend time with my main squeeze. We're going to attempt to finish up 24 tonight....the last two episodes. I might cry! I hear rumor that there are talks of a movie to wrap everything up. I hope so!!!


Amanda said...

I'm a 24 addict now. I don't know what I'm going to do when I actually have to work again and don't have all summer to watch an entire series. Boo hoo hoo on jobs! I only have 2 weeks left, so I'm going to try to squeeze as many episodes in as I can. It was good reading a post from you. I know how busy life is these days!

Lori T said...

What did your OB say about Drew having hand, mouth, foot disease? I thought I had read that it can be bad while you're pregnant.

Love Drew's/Your eyes!

Can't believe he wrote on the wall!

Sorry Andrew was gone for a week :(.

We need a phone date sometime.

I had to decide about vbac/c section when I was at your stage of pregnancy. I wondered and worried . . . and then, with my Cholestasis, it really wasn't a decision I had to make. Lydia had to come out early. So, I was glad God guided us to see the answer clearly. I'm hoping you won't experience a disease like that to make the decision clear to you, but I pray you will have peace over whatever decision you decide.

Audra Laney said...

Amanda--We finished it last night, and I'm so sad that it's over!!

Lori--I haven't spoken to my OB about it, but all my research shows it has no different threat to pregnant women than anyone else. It's very rare for adults to get it anyway, so I'm trying to remain positive. A phone date sounds good! I'm hoping for a clear decision that we have 100% peace over. With Drew his breach position sealed the deal. I'm hoping for something similar in this case if the section is the right thing. I just don't wanna go through 30+ hours of labor and then have a Csection anyway. Argh!

Luke & Amanda said...

Hi friend! After we finished 24, I had several dreams about Jack. Luke wasnt too concerned...I think he was a little obsessed too :)

What did your OB say about a VBAC? j/w!


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