Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Random 10 Returns

1. Elmo songs are stuck in my head. "Lalalala, lalalala, Elmo's world!" On a good note, it's something other than Veggie Tales. Thank goodness!

2. I could compete with any man in an all-you-can-eat contest right now. It must be physically impossible for me to feel full.

3. I passed my glucose test yesterday with flying colors! Woo hoo! What I learned from last time as advice to you other preggos: do not drink a coke & eat a large meal at 11:45 the night before your test. Unless you wanna take that 3 hour test...

4. Andrew seems to possibly be developing a sore throat. Let's hope we don't see ulcers. Ugh....We are ready for this virus to be GONE!

5. Drew has taken a turn for the worst at night when going to bed. It's becoming a nightly battle!

6. He's also decided to be overly dramatic each time he gets told "no." It's lovely. All day long. ALL. DAY. LONG.

7. Ever had costochondritis? (Where you push your chest and it hurts, take a deep breath in and it hurts?) It's not fun, and it's painful. But it's worse when you're pregnant because you can't take antiinflammatories.

8. I think I am the only person in Southaven who eats Steak n Shake chili when the heat index is 110. It's even better with an order of fries. I'm hungry!

9. Today is free McAlister's sweet tea day. I've had every intention of satisfying my southern rooted tea craving, but now it's 6pm and I look like poo, so I don't wanna go inside. Lightbulb: they need a drivethru! (Why, yes, I could make my own. However, the last 2 times I've made a pitcher of tea, it tasted metallic-y. Ick!)

10. Last night I was so tired and finally crawled into bed. Drew randomly woke up from his sleep (very rare) so I went in there to rock him and quiet him down. All I could think about was how tired I in-I wanted to cry I was so tired. And then I remembered: I'm about to feel that way every day for months! What have I done?!

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Amy said...

Ohhhh I hope Andrew didn't get Hand, Foot, and Mouth!!! David caught it when Jessica had it!

All I gotta say about sleepless nights....I wish I had let John cry himself to sleep at two weeks instead of 4.....he woke up a MUCH happier baby (and I was a much happier mommy)!!!!!

Why does your tea turn out tasting metallic?

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