Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy 26 Months, Drew!

Drew Man,

I thought maybe I'd do every 2 months for your birthday posts now that we passed the 2 year birthday mark. I think of things all the time that I want to write down to remember about this incredible (and incredibly challenging) phase of your life, but I'm sure I'll forget 90% of it now that I'm sitting down to write it out!

What you're into: Well, everything. But to break it down: You LOVE the movie Wall-E (and I love it because the first 30 minutes has almost zero talking--marvelous) and your video slideshows, helping with any chore, being outside, playing in the pool, wearing your Crocs, riding the lawn mower, riding your tractor, visiting relatives, jumping, climbing, crashing toys, and your baby doll. Yes, your baby doll. It's actually mine from 20-something years ago, but you've adopted her as yours for the time being. Poor Sarah has seen more torture in the past few weeks than she saw in all the years I "babysat" her in my playroom. I caught you throwing her into the crib the other day and then saying "night night." Rough landing for a night-night wish! Then I caught you holding her over the potty (AHHH!) and telling her to poo poo. Hilarious!

Potty training: Speaking of poo poo, you are still 100% in diapers, and I'm in no rush to potty train you. Sometimes you'll want to sit on the potty, but it's never productive. The day will come, but I'm not in a huge rush to get there!

What you're saying: You've bursted with language since we got back from vacation in July. You surprise me every day with a new word or word combination. You're putting two words together now-sometimes 3 if you're prodded. You're able to express your wants more easily. Today you said, "I need" and then pushed my leg. You were saying, "I need you to move so I can ride my truck there." So funny! You tell me stories through single words and I love to hear them. Today you were playing with your favorite truck and said "bye bye! cokes. two. gas!" Then you proceeded to put gas in your truck so you could go out and get some cokes. So funny!

What you're learning: You pick up on things we never realized we taught you. You can recognize and identify numbers 1-5 very well. You love the letters V, X, U, and B. You can recognize more than that, but those are your favorites. You seem interested in learning your shapes and numbers, but you think every color is blue. It's your favorite. :) You can fill in certain words to books you've memorized. Your favorites are "Llama Llama Red Pajama," "Noisy Animals" "300 First Words," and "Cookie's Week." You'll also fill in certain words to songs if we pause to let you sing. You love "This Little Light of Mine," "The Wheels on the Bus," and "Little Bunny Foo Foo." You help with your prayers at night, filling in all the people and things you're thankful for.

You love to help with whatever we are doing. If I'm in the kitchen, you come running in with your little chair yelling "watch! watch!" You love to help stir anything. You enjoy pretending to mop or sweep, and usually do the dustbusting for me when I clean.

What you get in trouble for: Where do I start?! Ha! You think it's really great to put your feet on the table, turn daddy's computer off and on, eject and insert DVDs into the computer, climb up to the sink and turn the water on, kick when you get your diaper changed....I could go on and on! You are a feisty little guy and discipline is consistent (and constant!). Some days are easier than others, but the good normally outweigh the difficult. ;)

(Picaso and his first piece of art...on the dining room wall)
Food: You are one picky dude! Some days I feel like you're going to turn into junk because you won't eat anything good for you. You don't like one single vegetable, but I continue to put them on your plate. Of course you don't eat them, but I try. You LOVE pizza, hamburgers, cheese sticks, tangerines, apples, bananas, animal crackers, Cheez-Its, and Scooby Doo Snacks. (You call them Scoo-Doos!)

Preparing for the new arrival: Hannah will be here in just a few short weeks and we try to talk about her all the time. You know that mommy has a baby in her tummy and her name is Hannah. You'll kiss my belly and pat it while saying "easy." We tell you that you're going to be a big helper when she gets here, but I'm not sure how true that statement is!! I held a baby for the first time the other day without you throwing a complete fit. It was a success in my book!

New happenings: You just graduated from nursery school at church and started a 2 year old Sunday morning class, a 2 year old Wednesday night class, and kids' worship during "big church" on Sunday mornings. Tomorrow starts your first day of Thursday school at church. You'll be with other 2 year olds from 9-11am every Thursday for 10 weeks. All these new classes have thrown you for quite a loop. You had JUST gotten to where you didn't scream for more than 5 seconds when we dropped you off in the nursery. I feel like we're having to start all over. It breaks my heart into 100 pieces to leave you crying in the room, but I know you need to learn independence and be with other kids your age. You are always happy when I pick you up and respond with an emphatic "YES!" when I ask if you had a good time.

Health wise: We just had your 2 year appointment (a little late) last week. You were 31 pounds and 35 inches tall. Your head is only in the 90th percentile now! ;)

We are looking forward to the cooler weather that's on its way so we can take you back to the zoo and the park before Hannah arrives. Papaw and Granna financed our newly fenced in back yard so you could go out and play without having to be chased all over creation. We're so excited to give you that freedom and so thankful for them and their incredible generosity.

I love you BUSHELS, Drew, and pray you are always a man after the heart of the Lord!



Lori T said...

Cute video! He's such a boy!

How nice that he'll be in a Thursday school! I need to get Abi in one of those. :)

We need a phone date when you get a chance. Things are crazy here, but I wanna talk. Love you and think of you every day!

hilary said...

What a cutie! I love these updates!

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