Thursday, September 9, 2010

If I Could Sit Down with a Pre-Baby Me

My friend, Lisa, posted a video on facebook of moms responding to the question, "If you go could back to just before your child was born, what would you tell yourself?"

It got me thinking about what I'd tell myself. Here's how the conversation might go:

1. You're gonna make mistakes. Everyone does. And it's okay. No one's perfect.
2. The no sleep stage is temporary.
3. Enjoy the nursing moments.
4. Trust your gut. It won't be wrong.
5. Just because she has a child older than yours doesn't mean she knows everything.
6. Showers are overrated.
7. God's grace is sufficient.
8. Dig your heels into the Word. It will sustain you in tough times. And there will be tough times.
9. Make the decision that's best for your family, in light of God's word.
10. Learn couponing NOW!
11. can happen to you. Research it in relation to shields.
12. Even better, stay away from the shields.
13. Pamper's Baby Dry leaks the least. Stock up.
14. Go on as many dates as possible alone. Talk about your marriage, your spiritual relationships, your goals for your family. Make it fresh in your mind before the chaos hits.
15. Get ready. Your heart is about to be stolen forever.
16. You are about to get a tiny glimpse of God's love for you. So many things in the Bible will resonate with new meaning after you fall in love with your baby boy.
17. Accept help.
18. A clean house is overrated.
19. A baby lives in your home 24/7. It's okay for it to look like that. Other people understand.
20. Freeze some meals to eat post-baby. Your hubs doesn't wanna cook all the time.

I could go on and on! Anything you'd add to the list?


Rhetta said...

Thanks for this post, Audra! I'm sure all the first time moms like me will appreciate this (and the second or third time moms...). I especially like #16. Already I am finding that certain scriptures take on a whole new meaning now that this little one has stolen my heart!

Oh yeah, and thanks also for #13...I was curious about that.

Audra Laney said...

@Rhetta--I'm sure everyone has different opinions on the diapers, but I'm assured that my son was the king of leaks. (I'm serious) And Baby Dry was our saving grace!

annabclark said...

I agree with the Pampers diapers--and I've found that Huggies wipes are best for us...weird.

One very strange thing I might add (that I should be ashamed to add) is that it takes time to bond with the baby. It didn't happen magically the moment he was born--for Dan or for me! We thought we were awful parents for the first few weeks! I can't even imagine those feelings now.

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