Sunday, November 28, 2010

A quick, wordy update...

(in which I use lots of commas and do not have time to spellcheck or proof for errors.)

Everyone is asleep, so I thought I'd do a quick update on our life as a family of 4 right now.

Whew. Life with a very busy toddler and a newborn is....somewhat stressful, very noisy, patience- trying, and leaves you with very little quiet time. is so incredible to love two little people this much!

Our biggest challenge has been with Drew--finding activities for him so he's not bored and walking the line between giving him a little extra mercy in this transition, but not letting him get away with murder either.

Overall, he's doing really well with Hannah. He loves to point to all her body parts, tell all the different colors he can find on her (hair, skin, eyes), pat her, talk to her, and kiss her. However, that little booger knows when I'm nursing her that I can't jump up and get him, so he tries to do everything he knows he's not supposed to do while I'm stuck on the couch. THAT'S our problem! We've tried a few new toys, but toys don't hold his attention long at all. Advice there?

Hannah is a great baby. So far we have no signs of colic as we did with Drew (thank you, Lord!). She eats well and sleeps anywhere from 2-5 hour stretches at night. Yes, she gave me a 5 hour stretch 2 nights ago. I was THRILLED! Sometimes she likes being swaddled and it calms her right down, while other times it infuriates her and we take it right off to avoid her screaming. Speaking of her screaming, she is 100% girl. She's got some lungs on her! Her cry is much more of a higher pitched shrill than what Drew had as a newborn. Andrew simply calls her cry "very annoying." I can't really argue! But she rarely cries, so that's a good thing.

We've broken out the swing, and she'll use it for shorter periods of time, giving our arms a rest. Her umbilical cord fell off 2 days ago, so she got her first bath hours after that. She seems to enjoy having her hair washed and being in the warm water for the first few minutes. She's not a fan of having her diaper changed in the middle of the night, being put down, being the least bit cold, changing clothes, or having to wait more than 0.5 seconds for her chef to get ready to feed her. ;)

She has the most darling smiles that take up her entire face. We love them! She has her mommy's hands and possibly her mommy's feet. She has her Papaw's dimple in her chin and her mommy's dimple in her cheek. Besides that, she seems to be the spitting image of Drew, but with more hair. Speaking of that gorgeous hair, it gets oily so easily! Every day it looks like someone sprayed Wesson oil in that child's hair! I'm trying an every other day washing pattern to try not to dry out her scalp. Oh, and her hair is lightening a good bit. It's starting to look much more brown on the sides rather than black. So she's going to fit in with this family after all!

One last thing....I AM SO THANKFUL MY HUSBAND WORKS FROM HOME. Monday is my first day "alone" with both kids. If my husband weren't going to be here, I think I'd be having a panic attack right now. So kudos to all you moms of 2 or more who did it all on your own those first few days. 'Cause truth be told....I'm scared to death! Wish me luck!

I hear a stirring from the bassinet and one from Drew's room at the same time. Off to start again! The break was nice while it lasted!

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The Lively's said...

Congratulations on the birth of your precious daughter! Can't wait to see more pictures.

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