Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Meet Joseph.


Santa Claus dropped Joseph down our chimney for Drew since Drew has a love of all things “baby doll.” I guess Santa figured since this doll was a boy, toddler aged, and resembled Drew that Drew would fall in love with him. It took a few weeks, but we’re there.

Joe eats with us, goes on car rides with us, goes to Tar-gah (Target) with us, uses his potty,and sits at the table with his own fork and pancake. Joe is now part of the family.

The only one who seems to have not totally taken to Joe is Andrew. Andrew gets quite freaked out when he bumps into Joe in the dark at night and Joe exclaims, “Tickle my tummy!” I think he has a thing for freaky dolls. Winking smile

Either way, Joe (named after Joseph in the Bible, thanks to Drew), is here to stay. Guess we’ll be reserving our table when we go out as a family of 5 now.

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