Saturday, April 9, 2011

Drew @ 33 months


I hesitated to do an update this month, but you’ve done so many things that I just HAVE to jot it down for memory’s sake.

-In the last week you’ve started potty training! You woke up one morning with a dry diaper and spotted some Pull-Ups someone had donated to us. You requested to wear them and it was downhill from there. You especially like standing up to tee-tee. You think you’re SO big. We’re on day 4 without any accidents except for nighttime. Woo hoo!

-I don’t want to jinx it, but you’re taking random naps again. I never in a go-zillion years would have thought you’d take another afternoon nap, but you are sometimes! Some days I have to tell you to go play in your room by yourself for a little while (aka—Mommy needs a few minutes of silence), and before I know it, you’re sound asleep in your bed.

-You’re sleeping in late again. Woooo hoooo! The other day you slept until 10:20. Hallelujah!

-You say the funniest things. Example: “Mama, you cranky?” “What in the world are you doin’?”

-You are insanely good with directions. You can point to random streets in town and let us know that “Papaw’s house that way” or “Grammy’s house that way.” If you and I ever got lost together, you’d have a better chance of getting us back to civilization than I would.

-You are asserting your right to say “no.” It gets you in trouble a lot. This is a favorite quote of yours: “DON’T TELL ME TO ____.” Fill in the blank. It’s driving us up the wall!

-However, you are usually pretty good about saying “yes ma’am” and “yes sir.” Makes me proud when you speak so respectfully.

-You always get your own meal & drink at restaurants now which makes you really happy.

-You sing bible songs…with gusto! (aka: you YELL them)

-You are LOVING being outside.

-You have the funniest expressions!

-You want to hold Hannah several times a day.

-You spent the night at Grammy’s house by yourself for the first time. Aunt Angela drove you down there and you didn’t complain to come home once! You slept with Grammy just fine (minus the fact your feet were in her face). That means we’ll be making a trip down there soon so that we can spend time with her.

-You are learning that you have to help clean up the messes you make!

I know I’m missing some things, but those are the highlights. The overall theme here is simple: you are growing up and become more independent all the time. That hurts me, but it’s the way it has to be! Some days I want to keep you little forever. I love you sweet boy!



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