Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hannah @ 5 Months



It seems so odd that I’m able to type this title! Where is my infant baby going?! This last month has brought some fun times!



Hannah had her first taste of cereal (hated it), her first taste of applesauce (cried she hated it so much), went in the nursery for the first time at church (did fabulously!), and grew like a weed. She’s found her newest love, her feet. She chews on any form of cloth she can get her hands on, and I suspect her bottom left tooth will cut through in the next month.


Like an awesome second time parent, she still hasn’t had her 4 month check up, but she currently weighs 17 lbs. She is filling out her 6 month clothes perfectly and even most of her 6-9 month stuff. And if you could see her chubby thighs, you’d see why this is true! This girl has ROLLS galore! I just want to eat them with a spoon. She’s in a size 3 Pampers Swaddler diaper.


Maybe it’s those precious lumps of fat getting in the way, but she’s not the least bit interested in rolling over. She hasn’t even attempted it (however she’s NEVER on her tummy more than 30 seconds. She hates it.)! But she’s able to sit up on her own for several seconds at a time on some days. She can tripod pretty well for now. I’m looking forward to this milestone since it will make her a little more independent in terms of playtime. But on the other hand, it just means she’s growing….and that hurts me!


This girl is the easiest going kid in terms of a schedule. She’ll nap whenever, for however long or short is required, and just goes with the flow. She’s RARELY fussy. If she is, she probably just wants her mommy. Yes, we’re in that stage! (But I secretly EAT IT UP because I know it won’t be forever that she feels this way!)


Hannah loves singing (especially with her Daddy), bouncing up and down, noisy toys, her monkey wubanub passy, her pink/brown blanket, baths, hairbows (okay, that’s her mom), dressing up (maybe me too), and my cell phone. Yes, she LOVES my cell phone.

Oh and she LOVES her brother. LOVES.



She’s still exclusively breastfed (minus those 2 tastes of horrid “food”), and eats every 3 hours during the day and still about every 3 hours at night. Mommy’s ready for a good night’s sleep! However, when I go into her room and feed her at night, sometimes I just want to wake her up and play with her ‘cause she’s so stinkin’ cute! Her little hands are so soft and sweet and she just coos the sweetest coo. I could seriously just gobble her up.IMG_9022

I loooove these blue eyes!


I fall more in love with this girl DAILY and I cannot thank God enough for the blessing of her beautiful life!

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Ben and Audrey said...

i beg you to stop these posts. you are giving me mad baby fever. she reminds me of Jovie SO much at this stage. with blue eyes, dark hair & lots of sweet baby rolls. i'm itching to have another one right now but we're waiting a little longer.

Hannah is seriously beautiful! enjoy it! before you know it, you will have 2 walking toddlers & that is a whole new world! ha!

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