Monday, June 20, 2011

Hannah @ 7 months

Sweet Hannah,


I am a week late with this update. Whoops! Better now than….well, next week!

At your belated 6 month appointment (6 months, 3 weeks…so almost 7 month appointment!), we got your official stats. You are:

17 lbs. 8 oz (75%)

26 1/2 in long (70%)

44 cm head circumference (80%)

Basically, there was no worry that you might be failing to thrive. You are a chunker! You are fully in your 9 month clothes and in a lot of your 12 month clothes as well. You are in some of your 6-12 month pajamas that are a smidge big, but not my much. You definitely fill them out in girth!


Fun facts about you:

-You may have rolled over once. I’m saying yes because I left you on your back and when I came back a minute later, you were on your stomach. I say “may have rolled over” because Drew was in the room during my absence, but he denies helping you. I did take this picture to commemorate the possible event though! Either way, doc says you do other things to demonstrate you are fully capable of rolling over, you just have no desire to do so! Winking smile


-You sit up on your own. Every now and then you’ll take a topple, but you’re pretty much an independent sitter. That makes life a lot easier!

-You get SO excited when you see bath water running. You start kicking those feet like crazy and attempt to dive in out of my arms. While you’re in the bath, your favorite thing is to suck on a washcloth.

-You still have only 2 teeth. No signs of another right now.


-You love to eat! We haven’t tried anything you haven’t liked yet. So far you’ve had carrots, bananas, applesauce, pears, a bite of mashed potatoes, oatmeal with pears and peaches. I made your carrots myself and had so much fun doing it! Next on the list: sweet potatoes, green beans, and peas.

-As of your 7 month birthday you’ve been sleeping really well at night. You go down around 7:30 and come to bed with us around 7:00-8:00 most mornings. (And since this is a week late, I’ll add we’ve had some minor setbacks due to your poor constipation issues since your 7 month birthday. More on that at the 8 month update!)

-You just love your brother! And he loves having your full attention. His favorite thing is to go play with you in your crib when you first wake up. Your just laugh and smile at him!


-You went on your first vacation a few weeks ago to St. Louis, MO and did SO WELL. I didn’t have high hopes for traveling with a baby who only likes to nap in her crib, but you blew my expectations out of the water! You did amazingly well!



-On vacation you rode your first rides: the carousel and choo choo train! You weren’t overly impressed, but sat so sweetly while beads of sweat ran down your face. Seriously, you were a trooper and endured 10 HOURS of Six Flags!



-Before you go down for a nap, you lay your head on my chest and we just stand and sway for a minute. It’s one of my favorite things about our time together.

-You take your passy at naptime and nighttime only, but you used it a lot on vacation.


-You still have that frizzy patch of hair in the back of your head that makes me have to pick knots several times a day. You’re not a huge fan, but you tolerate it. The rest of your hair is getting longer and falling in your eyes, but you’ve figured out how to take those bows out! That leaves me with very few options right now.

-You went swimming for your first time on vacation and liked it. Woo hoo!


-Your first “word” was dada. You mutter it a couple of times a day. I love to hear you talk and babble. It’s the sweetest thing.

-You have chubby legs and arms. I love them! And your skin is so soft. I love getting kisses from your belly! Smile


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being your mommy!!! You are so dainty at times and make me wonder if you’ll be a girly-girl. I love your cuddliness, gentleness, softness, and sweetness. You own one side of my heart, beautiful girl. I thank God for your life every single day!



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