Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Random Mess

1. I am reading a book by Sally Clarkson called The Mission of Motherhood. It is a wonderful, challenging, encouraging book that has truly inspired me as a Christian mom. In a culture where motherhood is so devalued, this book is refreshing to read as it upholds the position as God-given and monumental in the lives of children and the kingdom of God!

2. I am surrounded by mothers who wake up before the roosters to get ready to take their kids out in the 105 degree heat to do such fun activities as the zoo, water park, pool, children’s museum, and the like. I posted on FB today that I feel like Supermom if I make it to ChickFila by lunchtime with both my kids. In fact, my son thinks Sonic’s happy hour is an outing to be proud of.

3. On that note, today we went to ChickFilA (free entertainment and physical activity for the toddler) and then… son’s favorite “outing”…..the carwash. Yes, the carwash. It lasts all of 40 seconds, and he loves it. Who needs the zoo?

4. We are finally getting this pool cleared up again. It has been a large money pit. $80 for the pool, whoknowshowmuch to fill it up with water (waiting on that bill now), $25 on filters, plus at least $80 on chemicals to try and clear up the water. That’s a lot of work on an Easy Set 30” high pool. But you know what? My boy has sure enjoyed it!

5. I tried to be a really fun mom yesterday and make homemade sidewalk paint. I’d seen the idea several different places and thought we’d give it a whirl. Four minutes into painting, Drew was done with that project. Makes me wonder if I’ll venture out with any more fun activities. I think we’ll stick with the ColorWonder paint for now. He liked that a lot better.

6. Guess who is turning THREE this Saturday? Say it ain’t so! I always thought moms of 3 year olds knew ev-er-y-thing. What a wake up call.

7. Andrew and I are now avid watchers of Hoarders. For some reason, all I want to do is throw stuff in my house away or bag it up for charity.

8. One of my favorite times of the year is coming up—children’s consignment season!!!! There is no better high than shopping consignment sales, I tell you. You walk out with arm loads of needed clothing at rock bottom prices without having to wake up at 3am and battle the crowds. It’s a win-win in my book. Plus, what woman doesn’t like to shop?! Okay, my Aunt Deda, but besides that…. Winking smile

9. Every child Hannah’s age or younger that we know is starting to crawl. Hannah has yet to roll over. She has no desire. And you know what? I’m STILL okay with that. No one bone in my body wants her to be mobile right now! I have my hands full enough chasing ONE.

10. I have an addiction, I believe. It’s looking at house plans. Someone else tell me I’m not alone. No, we’re not looking to build anytime relatively soon. We aren’t moving. I just like looking. Make me feel better and let me know you do it too.


annabclark said...

I used to be addicted to looking at house plans too. That is until we added on to our house and I decided that I'd rather do just about anything than go through that on a larger scale. ha! That sure cured my addiction. But I agree, it is fun to I just look online at houses that are for sale.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog since Drew was a baby. I don't even remember how I came across it but you seemed like such an inspiration that I've just kept reading. Don't know why the pool part of your post stuck with me but thought I'd share some helpful ways to save a little money for you. Invest in a salt chlorinator. I believe they are around $200 brand new but if you plan to keep the pool a while it's a wise investment. You can also watch Craigslist for used ones. We've got an 18X24 easy set pool with a salt chlorinator. We just add one to two bags of pool salt per season. ($5-$10/bag depending on where you buy.) No chemicals needed unless you don't run the chlorinator enough and then you might need to shock it. We bought test strips to test the water and that's it. Also you can usually find the pool filters at Big Lots for less than Walmart sells them. Just my two cents.

Audra Laney said...

Anonymous (wish I knew your name!), I'm flattered that you would hang in there with me through all the boring junk I've posted over the years! ;) You and my hubs think alike. He was talking about getting one of those converters. You are so right--it would save us money if this pool is going to be used another year. Thanks for the tip!

Kacie said...

I somehow missed this post the other day. Can't wait for the consignment sales. We need to volunteer our shifts at the same time! :)

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