Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hannah @ 18 Months



My poor baby. I’ve skipped several months of your updates. Please believe it is not because I am not as crazy about you as I was with Drew at the same age. It’s just that by the time 9:30pm falls around and the house is quiet and I have an opportunity to sit down and type out everything I love about you….I’m too pooped. So it’s just laziness, my dear. I love you equally! Winking smile

18 months old. I didn’t even realize until the other day that we have already passed your 18 months mark! I’d still been telling people you were 17 months! It doesn’t seem possible that my darling baby girl is half way to two. Say it isn’t so!

You’re such a sweet girl! I can honestly tell we’re going to have some fun times together in our future. You are a mama’s girl right now—through & through! You run around “barking” my name when you’re unsure of where I am. It’s so funny! You love to sit in my lap, rock when you’re sick, and have me hold you as I walk around the house. But you’re not totally against holding my hand and walking. As you can tell, you’re pretty fond of being with me ALL the time. Smile No complaints here. I’ve seen how fast Drew has grown, and I’m in no rush for you to follow suit too quickly!

When we prayed for you to be 100% girl, God heard us. I’m not sure we knew what we were asking for (ha!), but you’re perfect! You like to have your nails painted (but not the painting process), play babies, kittens, puppies, playing kitchen, playing with pots and pans, taking baths, brushing your hair, and wearing shoes. So girly! Then you throw in something like mud play. You LOVE the mud. You even try to eat dirt from time to time and show me. It’s quite adorable how you open your mouth and stick your tongue out to show me you swallowed it all. Yum!

Your favorite foods: donuts, breads, mac & cheese, green beans, carrots, pizza, bananas, grapes, apples, peas, cheese, and crackers. You’re CRAZY about sweet tea. You recognize it in a glass and if you get your hands on it, the glass will not take long to be empty. You can guzzle juice like no one’s business. You like milk and really dislike water. You’re like your mama. I’m so sorry for passing that on to you.

Hannah, you have such a tender heart. Whereas Drew would not care if he were talked to sternly at this age, you will melt into a pile of tears most times. You’re usually very obedient and seem to be a rule follower. We’re going to get along really well. Winking smile 

You sleep from about 8/8:30 until 9/9:30 and take a 1-2 hour nap during the day. You love to give kisses to Drew before bedtimes. He started that with you and now you must kiss him and include “muah” sound every time. Melts me!

You are trying to talk all the time. You even sing in your own gibberish. The funniest thing is when you’re telling someone something very sternly and you get that pointer finger going. Cracks me up! The words you use the most are: mama, daddy, drew, juice, cup, baby (which can refer to your baby doll, your passy, or your blankie), shoes, and cracker.

Speaking of passies, you love yours, and we have every intention of keeping it around for a while. We did get rid of the wubanub (passy with the stuffed animals attached) and life is a little easier now without it.

We’re going to St. Louis next month on a family vacation and I’m a little nervous about how you’ll do on a 5-6 hour car ride since you usually tire of your seat after an hour, but we’ll make it! We’re going back to Six Flags where you’ll be able to ride several rides. Here’s hoping you don’t cry on every one! (I really don’t think you will. You’re a pretty big risk taker compared to a lot of little girls we know!)

Hannah, I could eat you with a spoon. I love your smile that makes your eyes squint, your laugh, your girliness, your soft hands, your beautiful hair, and your darling disposition. I’m SO thankful to be your mommy, and I can’t wait to spend our years cultivating a friendship that will last a lifetime. I want you to know that just below Jesus and your Daddy come you and your siblings. My attention is all yours then. I always have ample time for you and always will. You can come to me with any problem. God’s grace is enough for all of us, so never worry about sharing what’s on your heart with me. I love you through and through. Being your mommy is one of the greatest joys of my life, and I never wanna take you for granted.



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Luke & Amanda said...

Oh my! What a pretty girl with such a pretty mama! Your sweet words to your baby girl just made me tear up. What wonderful friends we have in our daughters. Such a blessing!

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