Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy 22 Months, Hannah!


In less than 2 months we'll be celebrating the day you were born with a party, hopefully one with lots of pink and frills. I realized the other day I was about to have a 2 year old again and it hit me like bricks that my baby is growing up. Compared to Drew, you are still so little and "baby-like," but I know you're in the midst of embracing full-blown toddlerhood with all of its thrills and difficulties alike. Seriously--how did we get here so fast?!


You've changed so much recently. It seems like every day you're doing something new or discovering something magnificent in  your little world.

Your speech has skyrocketed. You frequently use short, simple sentences. I was taken back the other day when you grabbed hold of my arm and exclaimed with wide eyes and an accomplished grin, "I GOT YOU!" This morning you said, "I'm cold!" Your favorite is, "I want juuuuuuice." Also, the day finally arrived, and you're repeating your name to us. It's so nice to be able to understand your wants and needs. It certainly makes life a little easier!

Your speech isn't all that's taken off- so has your curiosity! You are into a LOT more these days. You are able to unlatch our child locks on our cabinets/drawers which makes life a little more difficult. We finally had to install a new childlock on certain cabinets, so now we have DOUBLE locks on some. Visitors can never figure out how to get to the garbage can. ;) You climb like a monkey and get a thrill out of pulling stuff off of shelves and out of drawers. If something has a top and you get hold of it, it will be open and in your mouth before long. Just today in Target while I was looking at the shelves for an item, you got into my makeup bag in my purse and applied your own lipstick. (Or as you say, "wipstick.") Girl, you are a mess!

And speaking of mess, you love to play outside in the dirt! And you're all the more happy if that dirt has water mixed in with it. You love to squish your little toes and fingers in the mud. Sometimes you stay outside for hours if the weather is nice. You enjoy the slide, the sandbox, and are learning how to drive the Jeep. You don't realize how steering works yet, so our fence is getting the ultimate test of endurance! You really love when Drew ties the wagon to the Jeep and takes you on a ride in the wagon.  It is precious!

Y'all are playing together so well these days. Of course there are times when you don't understand and "mess up" whatever he's playing at that moment, but he is really patient with you lately. You two will play cars or babies or kitchen for almost an hour sometimes with the door closed. Today y'all sat in the Target basket together and held hands. My heart melted! He has really taken to taking care of you and being a sweet big brother. You really love him, too! I pray you two always know the gift of your friendship, that he always feels a responsibility of protection over you, and that you value his love and protection.



Physically, you seem to be about average. You wear about a 24 month sized top and 18-24 month bottoms. Your legs may be short; you can blame that on me! You are just getting into a size 5 shoe and are still wearing a size 5 diaper. Your hair is lighter thanks to the summer sun and continues to grow like crazy. I can even put it in a ponytail and most of the hair stays inside the elastic band! I haven't brought myself to take you for a trim yet, but it probably won't be too much longer.

You're a picky eater. You enjoy pasta, pizza, corn on the cob, chip/dip, bread, lima beans, apples, grapes, bananas, crackers, cookies, carrots, french fries, yogurt, chips, baked potatoes, and any sweets. The only meat you will really eat is finely shredded chicken in pastas or pork, cut up and seasoned. You want to be drinking juice 24/7. You routinely suck down an entire cup in less than 2 minutes. Many times you don't even stop for a breath! I still dilute your juice by half because you drink SO MUCH that it reduces your sugar intake. You'll drink milk, but prefer it with a little chocolate. Sweet tea is a favorite if you can ever get your hands on some. You are your mother's child!

Our biggest achievement is that we are rid of the paci!!!! We took it away Friday night without much confidence in our ability to keep it from you. However, you whined (never cried) for only 2 minutes and slept soundly through the night without it. Yesterday and today you've taken naps without it, so I'm gonna say we are done with them! Why did we get rid of it?  Well, firstly you were chewing through so many a week and losing them so often that it was a PAIN to continue using them. Secondly, you seem to have a pretty prominent labial frenum. The dentist thinks the reason your two top front teeth don't show when you smile is because the paci is preventing the teeth from coming down further. (But I'm thinking it has more to do with the frenum). He didn't suggest we take the paci away yet, but I'm hoping that taking it away now will make it easier down the road and maybe allow your teeth to develop more normally. We are possibly looking at a frenectomy, even though your didn't didn't recommend it. However, in our research, it seems like the best thing to do if taking the paci away soon doesn't help your teeth. We're hoping to take care of it now in order to save you so much trouble in the future. I hate having to make difficult decisions like that! However, another plus of ridding you of the paci is that you give kisses far more frequently!

Another big accomplishment: you tee-teed in the potty twice the other day! I asked if you wanted to sit on the potty each time, and each time you tee teed. I danced like a mad woman and foresaw more money in my bank account and less diapers piling up in my garbage can. However, you've sat on the potty several times since then and given no results, so it seems to have been a fluke. Even so, I purchased you a Dora potty seat and we will let you take it at your own pace. (But I'm still holding out that you'll potty train before 3!)

One of my favorite parts of our day is putting you to bed at night. You say, "prayer" and close your eyes and bow your head. Sometimes you'll add in people you're thankful for and you want us to sing, "Jesus Loves the Little Children." I cherish those moments we spend in worship and prayer together!

Other things you love: juice, blankie, family members, climbing, Elmo, Dora, Thomas the train, horses, books, outside, playing with Drew, baths/showers, mud/dirt, the sandbox, your baby doll, helping with laundry, stacking/knocking over things, transferring/pouring items, and dancing.

Things you're not-so-fond of: getting dressed after baths, diaper changes, and being told "no."

These next 2 months can take as long as they need to. I'm trying to soak up what little baby is left inside you. I love you, little girl, and feel so honored to be your mommy!

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