Monday, July 1, 2013

Jonah's First Two Weeks


 When we left from the doctor on Friday morning, we had instructions to return to our pediatrician on Monday, just to make sure everything was going well. He was 21 1/4" and weighed 9 lbs. 1 oz. Little guy hardly lost any weight! Everything looked great and the pediatrician on Monday, just to make sure everything was going well. He was 21 1/4" and weighed 9 lbs. 1 oz. Little guy only lost one ounce from birth weight! Everything looked great and the pedi said he looked perfect. Drew went with us and did so wonderfully and even got a popsicle when we left.

Hannah is learning what "gentle" and "easy" mean!

We returned for his 2 week check up where he was 9 lbs. 13 oz! He'd gained 12 ounces in 9 days--not shabby at all. I told him he was an overachiever. ;) At 2 weeks, he was pretty much out of his newborn clothes and diapers and into 0-3 month outfits and size 1 diapers. Chunky boy!

Exactly 2 weeks old!

The first week we were home, Andrew worked a lot of half days because he was swamped at work and Ms. Debbie was so sweet to stay and help out. Of course Drew and Hannah ate that up and Mommy was SO thankful to have an extra set of hands! After she left, Andrew still took a few half days to help me out, and it was much appreciated.

Jonah had 3 "outings" during his first two weeks: We went to my parents' house for Father's Day, McAlisters for lunch one day (where we sat alone and he stayed in his carseat) and CFA one day for the kids to play and Jonah slept in my arms the whole time. I still don't want him around big crowds for a while (hello, paranoid ER nurse--I know), but we can't stay cooped up because we have 2 other kiddos who want to be out and having fun!

After his first bath at 15 days old; his stump fell off on day 14!

 So how is being a mommy of three? Well, the first baby was difficult because I had to go from being totally selfish to completely selfless; what an adjustment! Hannah was a little easier. She was just an easy baby, Andrew was home, and it was simply an easier transition. The third child is a doozy. I'd been told by numerous people and read several articles talking about the third child being the most difficult to transition, how moms of three are the most stressed (more stressed than moms of 4 or more, even), and that if you can handle having 3 children, you can have as many as you want. I don't think they made all that up! My hands are just very full with an almost-5-year-old who wants to learn and do and go and talk about life's questions and a 2 1/2 year old who is into everything and can't do too much on her own and a newborn who relies on me for everything but breathing and pooping!
Could you not eat him with a spoon?!

I was telling my mom yesterday that my mental "to-do list" never ends. As soon as I get Jonah nursed and his diaper changed, I look up to see Hannah needs her diaper changed. Gotta wash my hands. And Drew wants some juice. And now they both want a snack. And Jonah wants to be picked up. And oh, it's his naptime. The kids have pink eye so I need to put their meds in their eyes. Gotta wash my hands again. Hannah needs help with a toy. Jonah is fighting sleep and needs me to rock him. The kids are loud and wake Jonah up after 10 minutes of rocking. I "shhh" everyone and we start over. It is neverending from 9am-bedtime. (And Jonah sleeps with me at night and nurses every 2-3 hours, so it really is neverending for the time being!) Whew! I'm hoping I adjust sooner rather than later! (And I'm secretly hoping that once Jonah is on a schedule where he goes to bed earlier, naps at certain times, etc that things will be a little easier because they will be more predictable. We'll see....)

Right now we're in survival mode. I told myself before Jonah was born that I was giving myself heaps of grace for the first 6-8 weeks. I'm wondering now if I should up it to 6-8 months? We're eating lots of meals from various restaurants, not couponing, and letting go of lots of house chores--and sometimes showering. Again....maybe I should look at extending that grace period?

And you know what? I wouldn't change a thing. Amidst all this chaos, the random tears, the cuddles, the screaming kids, the nighttime feedings, etc, etc, etc....this calling of motherhood is absolutely the greatest gift and I'm in it for the long haul! I just thank God his mercies are new every morning and revel in the fact that He's not finished with me yet--even on my worst days!

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Luke & Amanda said...

Thank you for this honest post! I am getting so nervous about Baby 3, but as long as everyone is fed and my hands are washed, I think we will be ok...right?! I have heard the same things about #3 being the hardest, and I am anxious about October! You look like you are handling it well amidst the chaos, and I know I have a friend I can call when I need to! Love you, dear Audra!

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