Friday, August 9, 2013

Jonah at 2 months

 Dearest Jonah, (lovingly called Jonah-Bug)

How are you two months old?! You are such a wonderful baby and the perfect addition to our family. To say you are loved--understatement of the year! Drew and Hannah dote on you so much. Drew loves to help take care of you, whether it's helping with diapers or rubbing your head and talking to you to calm you when you (rarely) get upset. You love to cuddle and sleep in our arms, so people love holding you to experience that. You are just the sweetest thing!

At your 2 month checkup at 9 weeks old, you weighed in at 14 lbs, 6 oz., 24 1/2 inches long, and a 16 1/4" head circumference. You were 98% in height and 95% in weight. Per the pediatrician, "you're a big boy!" You're wearing a size 2 diaper, but it's starting to get snug, and you fit perfectly in your 6 month outfits.
 You're chewing on your hands a lot, drooling, and starting to coo/talk every now and then. You love to sit and smile at us when we talk to you. It melts us!

 You love: bathtime, being held, passy, shadows on the the wall, lights, fans, the toys on your car seat, the picture of Hannah and Drew above the couch, and usually riding in the car.

 You're not so crazy about: hiccups! Unfortunately, you have them often. Other than that, not too much riles you up. :)

 You went to church for the first time at 8 1/2 weeks old. When I went to put on your dressy church outfit that morning, it was much too small at size 3 months! You ended up wearing a 9 month outfit that fit perfectly. A big boy, I tell you!

 At 9 weeks old, you finally slept 7 straight hours. You now usually nurse around 10 and then sleep until 3-4. Your first nap of the day is usually pretty decent, but lately your afternoon naps are hit or miss. However, even if you don't take a nap, you're so chill. You just sit in your rock n' play or bouncer and are usually happy. I loooove that about you! You help mama out!
 You are so loved, Jonah! We are delighted that you're in our little family, and we're enjoying your babyness so much!

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Brittany said...

Sweet boy! Try Gripe water for hiccups. It worked wonders for Reid.

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