Monday, September 30, 2013

Free App to Print your Phone Photos!

My dear friend, Nicki, passed along the word about Groovebook to me, and I was simply giddy when I got my first order in the mail today!

Groovebook is a FREE app that you use to upload your phone's photos and have them printed and shipped to you for just $3/month. I mean, you can't get a drive-thru meal for $3, so that was a bargain to me! But guess what? I have a free code for you that makes your first month free! Try it and don't like it? Just cancel. No problem.

I've been taking pictures of my kids' artwork, their doctor's reports--even my good pictures that I've transferred from my computer to my phone are printing and being shipped to me for less than $3/month!

STOP what you're doing now and head to Groovebook on your phone and get your print on!

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