Sunday, May 4, 2014

Jonah @ 11 Months

The last month with you has brought some fun changes. You've become a really great eater. For the kid who gagged until 9 1/2 months old on anything, you've come a long way! Last night you had mashed potatoes, green beans, a roll, and corn on the cob--and no gagging! ;) You nurse a little less than last month, but usually every 3-4 hours, on average. You're at least 22 pounds now, fully in a size 12 month clothes, and still a size 4 diaper.
 You're still not talking much. You're a pretty quiet fella. One day you mustered out what sounded like "Daddy" and haven't said it again since. You'll say "bye bye bye bye" when you're in your room alone, and you squeal for any other need, either with a smile or scowl. ;)

 The biggest news: YOU SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT! (Cue the rambunctious cheering and clapping!) You fall asleep around 8ish and sleep until 7:30ish. Works for me! You are, by far, the latest one to sleep through the night, but probably the best sleeper early on. I had you pegged to STTN by 6-8 weeks, but you had to show me up. :)

Last month we celebrated your first Easter. We went to Mamaw Betty's house and played all day. You were not at all interested in the eggs, but you did enjoy watching everyone else run around like crazy folks!

You looooove to be outside. In fact, you start banging on the door and squealing when your siblings go out without you. You enjoy strolling, riding in the push car, and swinging. You even let the dog lick your hands while I silently gag behind you. (See? I'm making progress because I allow the dog to lick you.) If you hear the bath water running, you speed crawl to the tub. You splash and crawl around and have a ball in the water. You have no problem sticking your face straight in. You'll be a fish like your siblings!

You put ev-er-y-thing in your mouth. Old food? Paper? Tiny toy? Bug? Makes no difference to you! I'm constantly sweeping out your mouth for random finds. :)

You're a pro at climbing up the stairs, so we have to keep the gate locked at all times!


You want to be held a lot. I'm wondering if you're going through a teething phase with the extra fussiness and desire to be held? You still only have 6 teeth--4 on top, 2 on bottom.

You take two naps a day: one around 9:30am and another around 2:30pm. Having a consistent naptime routine is helpful to us!

You are still generally such a good natured baby. You rarely fuss, though you're coming into your own little will, easily seen during diaper changes. :)


We love you dearly and are almost heartbroken that you're already almost one!

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