Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday, Hannah!

My dearest Hannah,

I remember the day we found out you were a girl. I was SO excited lying on that ultrasound table that I started crying.

A girl to play dollhouse and babies with?!

 A little girl to dress up in frills and pink?!

It has been everything I dreamed plus so much more. In the last year (really the last couple of months) you've come into your princess phase. You wear your pink princess dress, complete with jewelry, crown, and disney heels all around the house. You live in your princess pajamas and love anything sparkly. You have 6-7 babies that go with you anywhere we go. If you see me getting ready you'll always say, "Mommy, if you want any of your kids to go with  you to the store, just ask me, and I'll go." You love being my shopping buddy, and I really enjoy your company.
Fearlessly riding rides at Six Flags!

I love this age! You have a sweet innocence, and you think mommy hung the moon. (I dread the day I burst that bubble for you!)  We have a sweet relationship blooming that leaves me so hungry for the friendship that will come. I thank God for you (and your brothers, of course!) so often. You have been the perfect spot of brightness and sweetness in our family. God knew you would balance our family beautifully.

But let's be honest. Girl, you have SPUNK. You get a lot of it from your BFF and partner in crime, "Drew Man." You love to laugh and rough-house a little, just not as much as the boys...and with less intensity. Too much rowdy wrestling sends you whining to mama! With all the princess stuff you have going on, you still have a wild side. Case in point: you want a TOOT MACHINE for Christmas. I die. I die.
10pm. You were supposed to be asleep, but instead had your PJs stuffed with blankets!

You've surprised me so much this year with how much you've learned through Drew's schooling. You enjoy trying to write your letters and sometimes you answer questions from our history and science lessons that Drew can't answer. You're a smart cookie!

You are our cuddler! You especially love for someone to fall asleep with you at night, namely Daddy. :) He loves it and I often have to come pry him out of the bed after you're both snoozing away. Of course, piled in the bed are your 5-6 blankets plus your 7+ babies! There's not much room for Daddy to stay all night!

This year for your birthday we ate breakfast in our decorated kitchen, met Daddy for lunch at Logan's--your choice, and then went to Kids Only Gym. For dinner you got to pick again. You wanted Velveeta mac and cheese. No other kind would do. What a birthday dinner, huh?! But you were happy! We had red velvet cupcakes and sang, which you loved. :)
We had your friend party a couple of weeks before which was a Donuts and PJs theme. You were SO proud of all the decorations and excited to have your first friend party. You had a great time! (A good thing because Daddy and I were at the building until after midnight the night before, prepping!) We got you the new princess gown and slippers you wore plus the ariel baby doll you'd been (not) patiently waiting on. You were SOOOO glad to get your Ariel baby. didn't have enough babies in your bed already.



Favorite foods: watermelon, apples, bananas, any type of nut, green beans, "soft chicken" (aka chicken in the crock pot), spaghetti, BUTTER (you lick it off your bread), ice cream, french fries, apple pie, and gum.

Favorite activities: playing Super Mario World with Drew and Daddy, taking a bubble bath, running errands with mommy, playing kitty, playing babies, playing ABC mouse, playing with Jonah, swinging outside, playing in sand and/or mud, and riding bikes. You also LOVE going to spend the night with Deda, Grammy, and Jaja and Papaw. You rarely get homesick, but are very glad to be home when you come running to me!

Little girl, I am blessed by you every day! This next year will be so much fun and I can't wait to see all the great plans God has laid out for you. You are precious to me and Daddy, but are somehow worth so. much. more. to God. We love you to the moon and back!


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