Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jonah!

Our wild thing turned two at the beginning of this month! We celebrated by decorating with Mickey Mouse stuff, eating lunch with Daddy at the Mexican restaurant (where Jonah ACTED 2), and had dinner with Grammy, Papaw, and Jaja that night at our house.

At age 2:

Nicknames: Jonah-Bug, "J" (by Daddy), The Destructor (by Drew)
 Favorite foods: grapes (every. meal.), cheese cubes (every. meal.), mac and cheese, hot dogs, cheetos, blueberries, watermelon, pears, peaches, bananas, goldfish, pizza, spaghetti, froot loops, and GUM. The kid is constantly swiping my purse to sneak in a piece of gum. He needs fresh breath, too.

Favorite activities: Outside. Anything outside. Bonus points if it requires no shoes and includes dirt, mud, or sand. The only real way to get him inside without crying is to use the word "bath." After a little coaxing with this magic  word, he'll likely come in without too much of a fuss. He loves the bounce house, anything with wheels, but especially trains, and roughhousing with his big brother. He loves to move, climb and go!

His not-so-sweet side: So he has this thing for Hannah. And her hair. And hitting her. And he practices these things a LOT. Bless Hannah's heart. After him hitting her (with a truck...in the head!) several times in less than 10 minutes, I finally did what I used to say I would never do: I told her to hit him back. She usually forgets until she's come and told me what happened and then she asks permission to whack him back. Obviously, I have to turn her down, but I'm hoping soon she will start defending her poor head immediately and Jonah will back off. Obviously, he's been spanked, talked to, and given time out until Andrew & I are blue in the face. 3 minutes later, he whacks her again. This is our last resort. *crossing fingers no one needs counseling from our last resort parenting strategy* His very favorite new adorable thing is to let us know when he is not in agreement with what we'd like him to do. Sometimes he adds some crying, but lately he silently lies down in the floor, face down, and extends his arms straight above his head and stretches out his legs. He did this three times in Bass Pro Shop the other day. (1. Gross. That floor. 2. Very public. Very.) It's really quite humorous when he makes no sound with it. Just lies down in silent, peaceful protest. That kid. He is also quite impatient. After about 1/2 second of attempting to do something, if he can't get it to work, he'll start saying "hep" (help) and in another 1/2 second, he'll scream and throw the toy and start kicking his feet. I much prefer the silent planking position, but this one occurs quite frequently.

His schedule: He wakes around 8:30am, eats breakfast, plays, eats lunch, naps around 1:30 and sleeps until around 3:30, plays and has a snack, wrestles daddy when he gets home, eats dinner, takes a bath, and goes back to bed around 9. I feel like we do a lot of eating after writing that out.

Talking: He's finally starting to say a few new words. He-cop is my favorite (for helicopter). He uses this for airplanes and tractors as well. All other things with wheels are "ca" or cars. Gapes are grapes. Ging-ee is Grammy. Ginkee is Blankie. Those last two are hard to decipher when Grammy spends the night!

The gross side: His most disgusting activity these days is to take off his diaper (bonus points for poop) whenever he sees fit. His fav time to do this is after naptime so he can smear poop, step in it, and rub it on the bed before I can get in the room. Because of this fun pasttime, he now MUST sleep in a onesie and mostly wears a onesie around the house for the same reason. In case you didn't know, they don't generally make 2T onesies because most 2 year olds probably don't take their own diapers off and play in their poop, so we are SQUEEZING this kid into 24 month onesies. Must break this habit soon.

Size wise: his 2 year old appointment is in a couple of weeks, but he'll be right around 30 pounds. He wears a 2T in clothes, a size 8 in a shoe, and a size 5 diaper.

Most exciting: On 6/22/15 he tee-teed in the potty for the first time! Let the angel choir sing! Mama can stretch that extra $40 a month!

We love our little Jonah-Bug and are really enjoying seeing his silly, sweet personality start to show. His age 2 antics keep us on our toes, but he can sure balance it out in cuteness!

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