Monday, February 1, 2016

Little Evangelist


Yesterday you ran inside from playing outside for a long time. You'd just met the neighbors' grandchildren for the first time, and you were telling me all about it. 

"Mama, I was kinda shy at first cause I didn't really know them but then they told me their names. I asked them if they knew about God."

Your face looked at me for approval, as if to see if I thought that was a good or silly decision. It hurt that you even needed to question it. I wanted to wrap you in my arms and cry happy tears, but I just smiled and nodded my head, hoping you'd continue. 

"I told them about God's love, and that Jesus died on the cross for them so they could go to heaven. I asked them if they had a Bible, and they said no. They said their parents said they were too young for a Bible." (You looked very confused as to why a parent would say such a thing.) 

Then you added in my favorite part that shows your appreciation for God's beauty. "I told them to look at the sky where it was purple. They said it was pink, but that was okay. I said, "God made that beautiful sky for us to look at! He made everything!" 

Again, you looked at me for validation. Of course I told you how proud I was. I explained to him that even though they didn't own a Bible that they heard the good news of Jesus, thanks to you. You were really concerned about their souls if, God forbid, they were to die. We talked about how children go to be with God when they die, and you seemed very comforted by that. 

I pray you always love the Lord, love others, and have a hunger for His word. Tonight I found this note on my door when I came out from putting Jonah to sleep. Gave me all the feels! 

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