Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Furniture!

Good morning! Here I sit at 5:30 am on a Sunday while my dear husband stays in the big bed alone. Opposite working schedules make for terrible weekend sleeping schedules! I haven't posted lately because frankly- there wasn't much happening in our lives! It almost seemed as if we were on pause...

Then we hit play again! We ordered new bedroom and dining room furniture recently, and it should be in a week from Tuesday...the same day our guests from OOT arrive. Between cleaning, cooking, and setting up new furniture and decor, Tuesday the 3rd will be a super busy day! Here are some pictures of our new BEAUTIFUL furniture: I can't wait to decorate my dining room since it's 90% empty right now. Since we purchased a larger size bed than we have now, we have to go mattress shopping today...another reason I wish I could have slept more last night! Do you know how expensive mattresses and boxsprings are?! Well I was really in for a sticker shock. I remember when we went shopping for blinds 50 people warned me ahead of time how expensive they were so that when I got to Lowe's I wouldn't faint at the register. Well, no one mentioned this to me about mattresses and since I've had the same one since 8th grade (and never saw the price tag) I had no idea what to expect. Well it was a good thing I was surrounded by mattresses at Mattress Direct so that when I fainted, I had somewhere comfortable to fall. As for why we got a larger bed, it's not because of us! Andrew burns up at night because I sleep right up next to him because I literally FREEZE! We decided on the bigger bed because we know realistically we probably won't get new bedroom furniture for 30 years and we'll have the same furniture when we have kids. I remember my sister and I sleeping with my parents in their big King sized bed and how great that was. I cannot imagine 4 or 5 of us squeezing in a queen! Odd rationale? Yeah, but it works for us. So nah.

On another note, Andrew's truck was beginning to break down...after we bought the furniture. And you know...when it rains, it pours. It was going to cost us more to fix the truck than it was to get a new one so....introducing the newest member of our family!

Andrew is extremely proud! He talked me into getting him an automatic because he said he wanted to be able to hold my hand while we drove. *Collective awwww* Whatever--he was tired of driving stick shift for 10 years! So here he is with a REAL smile!

My poor Honda doesn't ever go anywhere with the two of us now. Andrew demands we take the truck...which by the way, is still unnamed. I'll have to discuss naming our new child with Andrew.

Until the next "play" time....

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