Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Much needed Vacation

What a day! I worked Monday night 7p-7a, and it was unusually quiet...and very welcomed! I came home with a sore throat and a very sore right ear. I started myself on some Keflex when it lasted throughout the day and night. Hope I don't get sick right at vacation. That would definitely be my luck for the day. I don't complain too much, but man--when it rains, it pours! And today, I can't keep all the frustration here it is--

When I got home I waited up for the mattress to be delivered. It is so soft and comfortable! My Lane furniture came, but some doofus didn't put a "spacer" (whatever the heck that is) on the bottom of the dresser and the mover said it would start wobbling in a few months if they didn't take it back to fix it. I wanted so badly to keep it, but I told him to take it back. :( So then when the movers had pulled out of the driveway, I went to rearrange my dining room furniture and saw side chairs on each end of the table. I thought, "Stupid boys. They don't even know that arm chairs go on the end." I walked around all 8 chairs. Guess what? No arms. So I called Lane and--sure enough--they ordered the wrong thing. They ordered 8 arm chairs instead of 6 with 2 arm chairs. To make a long story longer, it will be several weeks before my new chairs get here. Until then 2 guests out of 8 have to slide around on plastic while they eat.

With only 3 hours of sleep, I called the shop in Senatobia (30 minutes away) to see if my mother's vehicle was ready to be picked up for us to take on vacation. It was supposed to have been fixed yesterday, but the part didn't come in. They promised it would be today. So I call. Teeny bopper secretary says it's ready. I'm so relieved. I tell her I will be there right at 5 when they not to leave until I have the keys in my hand. I am walking out the door! She giggles, says "okay!" in her highest pitched voice, and hangs up. About 7 minutes before I get there (my clock says 4:53), I call to make sure Ms. Pre Teen hasn't left with my much needed keys. I am put on hold for six minutes. When a man finally picks up the phone, I am approximately 200 feet from the entrance to the car shop. The man says, "I'm so sorry Miss Aldridge, but our secretary was mistaken. Your car isn't ready. The box for the piece came in today, but the box was empty! We will do whatever we can to make it up to you." I wanted to reach through the phone and tell him what he could do was hold an air conditioner in the back of the Envoy for our entire trip. I tell him I'll meet him in 30 seconds.

There he is looking all apologetic, with this look like, "please don't rip my limbs from my body." I kept my cool. Told him I understood it was not his fault. I ask if there's a vehicle I can drive for the weekend, something I can rent at a discount--after all, he's willing to do whatever it takes to make it up. "Whatever it takes" ended up to be a lot of nothing. Not one vehicle I can drive. I can rent a car at Enterprise down the street. I played the "super disappointed, very tired, on-the -edge-of- sanity-and-about-to-cry" card. And actually, I wasn't acting. He just kept giving me this head cocked to the side, I'm-so-sorry-but-not-enough-to-lose-company-money look. I drove off in my 2 door coupe wishing explosive diarrhea on this man and Ms. Pre Teen for the next two days.

In the end: we're going in the truck. 16 miles per gallon all the way to St. Lou-ey! Justin and Hil are here and we chatted until 2am. It's not 3:40am and not a single shred of clothing is packed in my bag which sets on top of my closet shelf. Wake up time is at 7:30 and I am cooking everyone breakfast. Guess I should try to get 3 or 4 hours in at least.

After this long day, a vacation is truly needed! I'll post pics when we get back Saturday night! Have a great weekend...and remember...Tommy Hefner Motors in Senatobia will do whatever it takes...unless they have to sacrifice. ;)

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