Sunday, July 15, 2007

*Just keep chopping, chopping, chopping*

Disclaimer: The only reason I'm blogging right now is because Andrew is asleep, there's nothing on television, and I'm extremely bored. Any bone of creative writing talent is dead right now, so if you choose to read on you'll get choppy paragraphs and random ramblings. :)

Not too much to update you on. My last post was long enough to cover several days' worth of information! This week at work was a tough one. I think I sat down less than 2 hours for 39 hours of work. Seriously. By the time I got home on Friday, I literally had to hold my head up with my hands before I lay down in bed because my neck was so incredibly sore! Not only was this week incredibly physically draining, but emotionally as well. We had a 50 something year old runner found on the side of the road by fellow joggers dead. He was purple when he got to us. His family had no idea. It was so incredibly sad. Then Thursday night I had a guy on heroin withdrawals. Not a pretty picture. I felt like he was 2 years old. Inpatient. Forgetful. Constantly needing to reminded to put his clothes back on. To sit down. To sit still. Constantly! It was just draining, to say the least. On a good note, I stuck an 11 month old who was dehydrated on Thursday night with one IV stick! Yay! I was BEAMING the moment I closed the door behind myself to the parents' room. I don't have too many super proud moments, but that was definitely one. :)

I've had a stomach bug the last couple of days that will not go away! It's made me feel terrible so I've just lounged around the house since Friday morning, sleeping waaaay too much.

*Pull out knife to chop*

On a different note, the documentary on my Papaw's insurance scandal will be on Tuesday night on CBS news at 5:30pm with Katie Couric. Monday night at 5:30 will be another segment with background information. Pretty cool, huh? I just hope some bills get paid and some people get put behind bars for this entire scam.

*insert choppiness here*

They're bringing the REST of the furniture on Tuesday b/t 11:30-12:30. Maybe after Tuesday I can FINALLY put all my clothes back where they belong! I still need a centerpiece (or 2 or 3) for the DR table, curtains, and curtain hardware for the dining room. For the bedroom, I just lack bedside lamps and some artwork. I'm extremely picky about artwork so I'm sure that will take a while. That's okay...Rome wasn't built in a day!

*chop chop chop*

I need something to fulfill my time on the weekends. I mean cleaning is probably what I SHOULD do...but come on! There's always going to be another time for that. :) I was thinking of scrapbooking, but I don't want all these books lying around with very few pictures in them. I thought about making invitations for Kacie's shower, but I have no idea when the shower is going to be held. I would love to learn to sew and monogram, but monogramming machines cost a fortune! I think I'm too picky about how I want to spend my leisure time.

*chopping away*

Alrighty. I've bored you enough. I'll stop the torture now! Hope you all have a very blessed weekend!!


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