Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Baby Steps

For those of you who know me well, you might describe me as cautious, safe, overprotective, germaphobic, and somewhat paranoid at times. This mainly pertains to safety and germs. The lake and all watersports therin go completely against all I stand for.

Lake= bacteria, not clear, fish poop, 5 million people's tee tee, and dead bodies beneath the murky waters

Water sports= broken bones, paralyzation, death

Water and I don't mesh well. If the Lord brings me back as an animal someday, I will be a cat. No doubt about it. If I can't see through the water, I don't want to be near it. If it's not clean, keep it away from any orifice on my body. I really have to get outside my comfort zone when we visit the Delta. (ha ha).

My agreement in going to the lake on Saturday was under the term that I was allowed to stay in the boat and never touch the water. Well...ladies and gentlemen...hold onto your chairs. I not only got in the bacteria infested, cloudy, brown, fish poopy water, but I INNER TUBED on it!!

If you have seen What About Bob with Bill Murray, you know all about taking baby steps to get to the big goal. Well, I did. And I am so proud of myself. You all just don't realize how much I hate lake water and all it represents. My steps were as follows:

1. Watch other people swim in water and not get eaten or die.
2. Watch other people swallow loads of poopy water and not die.
3. Watch other people play water sports and come out with all limbs intact and not die.
4. Put on lifejacket.
5. Use ladder to enter water without allowing head to go under nasty water. (Putting my head underwater would be the last step...and I don't think I want to go that far.)
6. Watch cautiously for piranhas and snakes. Do not get in shallow water so as not to feel a dead body.
7. Build up confidence to inner tube. Secure slow, safe, experienced driver.
8. Find a partner willing to listen to me squeal on inner tube. Kacie so lovingly volunteered. Thanks, Kacie!! What a pal.
9. Close lips. Scream with lips closed so as not to get said filthy water in mouth. Wear sunglasses to keep said filthy water out of eyes. Hold on for dear life.

Yay! Aren't you all proud of me? I honestly was. I stepped out of my comfort zone. My safety bubble. And it's been 2 1/2 days and I'm not dead from a fish poop disease yet. All I walked away with was extra confidence and extra crispy skin. :)

Maybe next time, we'll take the inner tube above 15 mph. Baby steps...baby steps...

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Justin said...

I'm so proud of you!!! Tubing really is sooo much fun. I'm glad you did it. BTW "What About Bob" is HILARIOUS! One of my favs. love ya, Hil

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