Friday, August 17, 2007

Explosion of pictures...for the last time in a while

My favorite time of the week: the weekend! We're going out of town from Friday night until Sunday to visit Andrew's mom in Greenville, so I'm kind of excited to get away. That reminds me that several weeks ago when Andrew's mom was in town, we took pictures with "old faithful 2 megapixel HP camera" that I never published. Better late than never, as I always say!

I slept terribly yesterday afternoon because I got 6 phone calls from Lowe's telling me my mixer was in. I was like, "Shiesh people. It's not like I'm waiting on edge to cook my potatoes. Leave a message on call number 1!" Due to the lack of sleep, you would think I would be exhausted. Well, you would think correctly. Then why am I still awake? Because I'm so, so hungry and there's NOTHING to eat in this house besides beans and tomoto sauce. Blah. So I keep sitting here thinking I'll miraculously remember something in the kitchen to eat. Thinking...thinking...Nope. The beans have not turned into eggs and biscuits...yet.

Guess what happened this week at work, faithful readers? An overweight woman who had no idea she was pregnant (and didn't look pregnant) had a full term baby in the the commode! She had gone to get a urine specimen while her brother waited outside the door. He came around the corner, made a motion for the nurse and said, "My sister says there's something that came out of her in the toilet, and it's making noise." Either someone is crawling through the sewage system and coming up out of your toilet or there's a baby in there. I guess this man really wasn't sure which would be more probable. I'm just really glad she didn't flush before looking. Now, I've never been pregnant, but it seems to me that you could not deny a baby using your bladder as a trampoline for 9 months. This woman's face was one of pure shock. She really had no idea! It was quite the excitement in the ER for several hours!

For anyone who is interested in benefiting yourself, I'm opening a fund for "Audra's New Camera." How does this benefit you, you ask? Well, you don't have to read blank pages with no pictures or terrible quality pictures on my blog. Not that desperate, you say? Oh well, I tried! I really, really want a new digital camera because our 5 year old one is at the end of its hard life. It really stinks to attend family functions and not have a camera to capture the memories. Either way, my husband says it's not in the cards this month...or next month. Probably not the month after either. Guess we'll just have to take snapshots in our memories. Thanks, hun. I have a terrible memory.

On a much GRANDER note...we're going to see The Lion King play at the Orpheum next weekend!! My aunt Deda (shoutout to aunt Deda--hi!!) so very, very graciously volunteered to take us. We are so pumped! We're going to meet up with the entire family to go out to eat at the Pier by the MS River and then to the Orpheum for the play at 8:00! It's going to be a blast!! Too bad all my pictures from that night will be in my memory. ha ha ha!

Thank you, Deda for giving us this awesome opportunity! You are the best! We love you and Mr. Herbert so, so much!

I realized the other day I never put up pictures of the new furniture in the house. Without further ado...

Isn't it beautiful? We absolutely love it! Side note, though--dark wood shows dirt SO easily!

Well, my stomach is growling like a ravenous monster, so I better feed the thing. Guess I'll cooke me some tomato sauce beans. Yum yum! ;) Hope you all have a good weekend!

And just a little picture to sign off nerd husband with this awesome shirt:

The shirt reads: "Don't Pretend Like You Don't Want Some of This". He actually wears this in public, people!

Ah, the crazy lives we lead!!

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