Thursday, August 9, 2007

Workin' that 7p-7a

Another night before work, another night up alone! Night shift is starting to wear on me, but I'm not sure the pros of getting off outweigh the cons--the main con being waking up at 5am. For anyone who knows me, you know I am the worst morning person ever. It literally nauseates me to wake up before the sun does. I might could manage 11a-11p a little better. I just hate adjusting my schedule on the weekends and staying up these crazy hours by myself. It stinks.

Speaking of adjusting my sleep, I'll have to do that this weekend because the Davis family is finally going to unite with the Aldridge family over dinner. Judd's mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, grandparents, and nephews are visiting Saturday afternoon and evening. I'm really looking forward to meeting all the people we've heard SOOO much about for over 2 years!

Kacie finally made a blog! Check it out at: Andrew will especially love the title since he never calls her anything except "Kacie Leigh".

Several of my friends are expecting babies soon! I'm so excited for them! Their little families are going to be just adorable, and they'll make great parents! I am truly, truly happy for them. Andrew continually puts the bug in my ear, but I still want to wait a while! (Keep in mind he's never cared for a kid more than 5 minutes.) With rose colored glasses, a baby sounds like so much fun...but then when we're out at the movies or going out late somewhere or sleeping in late, I think, "If we had a baby, we couldn't do this!" Reality check! I know that the joy of having a baby will outweigh the sacrifices and it will be the greatest roles God blesses us with, but we just got settled into adult life. I just need some time to breathe and relax and enjoy simple pleasures. :)

My sweet Andrew helped me make a header tonight! It's not completely finished (the dimensions are wrong), but it's pretty close! Suggestions? What do you think?

Law & Order is my new obsession, and I Tivoed several episodes to watch tonight. Maybe I'll get to bed around 5? Ahh the life of a night shift worker!!!

All our love,
Andrew and Audra

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