Monday, August 6, 2007

Weekends Are Too Fast!

What a fast weekend! They go by too quickly. We went to see Aunt Glenda's ballroom dance recital today. It was fantastic! She looked beautiful and was so graceful on the dance floor. We were so proud of her! It amazes me to watch people dance, because it's something I'm terrible at doing!

We were one of the many Americans who cashed in to see the Bourne Ultimatum this weekend to rake in 70.2 million dollars. Now I'm usually not one who enjoys super thick plotted, hard to follow movies, but since I had seen the last 2, I figured I should go out with a bang and see the finale. It was so worth it! This is one where it pays to see it on the big screen (eye candy Matt Damon blown up in huge proportions wasn't so bad either). Awesome special effects, fight scenes, and car crashes. Somewhat lacking in the romance dept., but it was to be expected. ;) Overall, 4 stars! It was easier to follow than the last two and answered all questions created by the prequels. Loved it.

Ms. Kacie FINALLY got on the ball and sent me lake weekend pictures via facebook. We now have proof of my near death defying experience!

I'm getting brave in picture three. Look ma--no hands!

Here's Kacie trying to push me off the innertube. Innertube hog.

Andrew tried out wakeboarding for the first time that weekend, and did really well! Way to go honey!

I decided tonight I'm going to learn the basics of photoshop. I've already put in about 2 1/2 hours tonight already, and I'm about to go practice with some photos to see how much I actually retained. If all goes well, maybe I'll have a header soon!

In other blogging news, you know those bloggers whose blog just kind of sucks you in when you start reading them? Well, this one does it for me! Lyndsay Stradtner was originally a nestie whose home was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. She and her family have rebuilt as she has continued make phenomenal steps in her creativity through photography. Check out her amazing photography here and her blog here. Oh, and make sure to see her adorable children!

Another week at the grind! Hope your week is wonderful and filled with God's blessings!

All our love,
Andrew and Audra

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