Monday, September 3, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. I promise, working weeks go by so quickly. It seems like last Sunday was just 2 days ago...and here we are starting yet another week! I mean, Christmas and "The Wedding" are only 3 1/2 months away! Time flies when you're busy. This weekend was a lot of fun, albeit short. Saturday I slept when I got off work, then we met mom and dad for dinner in Southaven followed by gender specific shopping. Boys- Sportsman. Girls-JCPenny, Pier 1, Kirklands, Linens n Things. The girls were booking it through those sale racks!

2. I got a cute curtain rod for the dining room on clearance for 25 dollars (originally 50) at Linens n Things. Now I just need to decide my decorating scheme for the DR, then I can pick out table decor, a rug, and curtains. Still much to do in that area!

3. On Sunday we went to class and church in Senatobia. We heard a great message about teaching other people the love of God through our behavior. The way we live our lives should show His love more than words can tell. The way we act and our integrity should mark each of us as a Christian. People can "talk the talk" all day long, but unless your life shows your love for Christ, the words are meaningless. They are a clanging symbol. (Read 1 Corinthians 13).

4. After Sunday service we went to Mamaw Jones's house to meet up with some family who traveled up from Texas. It was so great to see everyone and fellowship with one another over *wonderful* food. Afterwards, we came home and slept. Andrew slept for 2 hours. I slept for 8. lol! I am on Monday morning at 5:54. Having been up since 11pm last night, I've had lots of "quiet time" while Andrew slept. I've done some laundry, cleaned out the closet, done the dishes, and just got finished mopping the kitchen floors! Now, I have to say I'm not the most avid mopper. In fact, you'd probably think it was gross if I honestly told you the last time I mopped our floors. But seriously, when I wipe them with a wet paper towel, and it's clean, why mop?! Also, I think we have other people who live in our home while we're not here and wear our clothes. I promise the amount of laundry piled up in our closet cannot possibly be creatd by two people. It will take me days to wash our mountain of clothes. Either way, the lesson is that you can get a lot of cleaning done when you're really bored.

5. I found these adorable pom pom's on Martha Stewart's website. She actually sells a "kit" to make them that costs 20 bucks! And...she doesn't tell you on her products site that she has the directions to DIY poms on another site. I just think these pom poms are adorable for a girly shower or girl's birthday party. Now, who can I make these for?

6. To the evil person at my work who stole my stethescope: I felt really attached to that piece of medical equipment! My mom gave it to me, and it's been through a LOT of tough times with me--through my first day as a student nurse, through the time it got lost in a man's poopy towels infested with bacteria in the linen basket, to my first day at work as an RN. I hope you get diarrhea for a month, have to come in to my ER, get me as a nurse, and I get to put a fat 16 gauge in your tender HAND. Other people at work are tired of me asking to borrow their stethescope every 5 minutes so I can listen to lung or bowel sounds. If you would kindly come back to the ER and leave it where you found it, I'd really appreciate it. I still want you to have diarrhea for a month for taking it in the first place, but maybe when you come in to get intravenously rehydrated I'll give you a smaller needle. Thanks.

7. I'm not really sure how much longer I can tolerate this night schedule. It would be SO nice if I got to come home at the end of my long day and eat dinner with my husband and get to see him every day. It would be even better if I didn't have to worry about sleeping have my time off away just to change to a "normal" person's time. I'm really praying God opens a door and shows me what he wants me to do. I have a feeling that I'm in a sort of training period right now-- learning about different diseases, seeing the treatments, learning to work with a team of other medical professionals. But I feel like he has something much bigger and more suited to me waiting for me when the time is right. I don't know when it will come, but I know it's in His perfect time, so when it happens it will be right.

8. Anna and I are talking about scheduling an Old School Teen Week Retreat. It would be so much fun. I'd be even more awesome if we could talk Michael and Amy into coming for the weekend. It just seems like a lot of older adult Christians are missing out on what was so normal in my spiritual life as a teenager. For years, my favorite time with God was in the dark singing praises for hours with other Christians. Sharing struggles with one another in a time where we left our hearts at the feet of God and gave way to the mercy and forgiveness of other Christians around us. It supplied such a great bonding experience--spiritually and emotionally. It was true fellowship. I feel like as we get older, we lose that. I want that part back so badly. We need that back so badly.

9. Mom is having her surgery on Wednesday morning. Say a prayer for the doctors and nurses taking care of her, and her quick and easy recovery!

10. Kacie will be home this weekend! Yay! By the way, Kacie needs to update us on her life on her blog. Slacker. ;)

Well, the dryer just buzzed, so I better go finish up the morning's chores and start something in the crockpot for dinner. Hope you all have a blessed week. Remember to make your lives a living testament of who you belong to.

Love you,

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