Monday, October 29, 2007

Addendum: Things NOT to do in the ER

I had a rough night at work on Saturday night, so I'm venting through my blog...

26. Do not answer your husband's questions for him unless he is deaf or mute. When I am facing him and asking him about his bowel movement, that's probably something he knows more about than you do...I hope.

27. Do not let me know that you're a nurse before I can even ask you why you're here. That's annoying to me for some reason. Don't ask why. It won't change what we do to you.

28. When you come up to my desk to ask for something (a big no-no. See post #1) and I finally acknowledge your presence, do not stand there and wait for me to do whatever it is you've asked for (a warm blanket, to ask the doctor to come back in your room, etc). I'm in the middle of charting medications and will forget what I did if I get up. I will undoubtedly forget to chart the narcotic I pushed, get written up, and fired...over your blanket. Go back to your room and hold the call light.

29. Don't ask me if you can "quickly see the doctor and go home because we have 2 dogs at home who need to be let outside." If your "emergency" was emergent enough to be here, I would think your pets' bladder control would fall as a number 2 priority. Call a neighbor.

30. Do not come to the ER for elevated blood pressure and leave against doctors' and nurses' medical advice with a blood pressure of 225/140 after I've explained to you how deathly this is. We are doing our best to get it down. It's not our fault your body isn't responding quickly enough. Not being mean, but we'll probably see you back in here very soon, but under worse circumstances.

That's all for now, but I'm sure I can think up more.

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