Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Dating Anniversary

Today is the grand event of mine and Andrew's 6th dating anniversary. Six years ago tonight Andrew got stuck in the mud in his Jeep. If you only knew how big his ego was when it came to his Jeep and mud, you would know just how deeply sad/mad he was that night. It was potentially one of the worse nights of his life. Lucky him. He had me to turn it all around! :) I told him that night on the phone, as he sat in darkness sinking into a mudhole, that I wanted to date him exclusively. It was as if his truck had lifted out of the mud on its own. Second best decision I ever made--second only to choosing to be baptized to become a Christian.

One year later he gave me a promise ring...and freaked my parents out. I wore it on my left ring finger to terrorize them further.

Two years after we started dating we got engaged. We went out to eat where he had roses in a coke bottle on the table. He took me out to a lawn at MSU that overlooked the fraternities. He had a huge blanket laid on the ground surrounded by flowers and candles. He asked me to marry him. I said yes. My parents fainted. Their mere child of 19 years wanted to get married to a boy who was still in college and could hardly support himself. How would we survive? What were we thinking? The Lord moved mountains and made things possible that we never thought were. When you KNOW, you know.

I had been praying for Andrew since I was a young girl. I had written my future husband love letters before I even dated anyone. My first recollection of anything dating related was when I was riding with my dad at the ripe age of 12. You know, at 12 all you're interested in is boys, so my dad found this very appropriate time to talk about my choosiness in men. He said, "Audra, just remember this- whomever you date is a potential husband. So be careful who you date." I don't know why that stuck with me forever. So, thanks dad. :) I must say there were a few people I dated (in my defense, it was less than 2 weeks) whom I would not date over again. Alas, Andrew was the ONE. And we knew we were meant to be together!

I love you, Andrew. And even after 6 years, ladies, he still needs help being told how/what to clean. I'm assuming that will never change. ;) It's been an awesome six years!

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