Friday, October 26, 2007

In Other News...

Well, I don't want to break my arm patting myself on the back,'s been 4 days and 2 hours since I've had a regular Coke!! It's been over 3 days for Andrew!! We are, undoubtedly, in shock that we've made it thus far. I've been living off unsweetened tea while Andrew has been expanding his palate for diet soft drinks and tons of water. Mentally, I feel great because I accomplished my 3 day goal. Physically, however, my face has broken out like a 14 year old, I feel tired, and my scale showed that I was heavier today than I have been in a YEAR! I mean 3 days ago before the weaning date, I was 3 lbs. lighter. All I could do when I saw the extra 3 pounds on the digital display was laugh. Of COURSE I would weigh more at my goal mark. I'll just attribute that added poundage to the low fat pop tart I ate this morning.

I know you've all been scouring your local Macy's trying to help find me the perfect boot, but you can take a break now. I'd heard that DSW Shoe was an awesome place to shop, but had never known there is one right across the street from my work. Today I stopped by! That place is HUGE and the prices are reasonable, for the most part. I saw the shoes across two aisles. I dove for them, knocking down the 39 week pregnant woman to find my size. By the looks of her feet, she was a gigantic size 9 as well. If she got to them first I was going to tell her her poor feet were way too swollen for skinny heeled boots. They wouldn't be good for the baby. :) Okay, I'm making that part up. Long story longer...I got my boots today! After 3 days of searching store after store in this freezing cold rain and gusting winds, my efforts have paid off! So here's a plug for DSW Shoe! Check them out for up to 50% off boots!

I have SO much to do by next Friday. I can't believe the party is a week away! It doesn't seem possible. Even though I'm about to fall asleep on my keyboard, I have every intention of making a long typed list tonight to get myself organized. I can't wait to post pictures of the festivities online for my 3 readers. :) It's going to be a blast! I work this Friday night and Saturday night so Sunday and Monday are crammed with to-dos! I probably won't blog until after the party, so be looking for the pictures.

Loving my life,
Audra :)

*A big thanks to my sweet husband for the new keyboard and mouse (that's finally working!). You're a genius, honey!

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Hilary said...

I've actually been looking at boots for you!! I was shopping for some fun shoes for the party this weekend and every boot, I thought of you! I'm glad you didn't get Jessica Simpson shoes...Oh, the scale picture is hilarious. I love it.

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