Friday, October 26, 2007

Wall & Fall Decor

I've been hoarding previously purchased wall art in my closet for months...some for a year. Well, tonight I finally decided these poor pieces needed homes. Not to mention my walls need friends.

The person who designed the electric wiring in our home was either a) a man or b) a woman without a decorating bone in her body. I say this because smack dab in the middle of every wall lies a very out of place light switch. It's the most annoying thing ever. It has been written in stone on my "List of Things to Watch for in House 2" that light switches will be logically placed.

I also have to thank my sweet husband who helped me get started on putting up the art. I say "get started" because he left me with the last project so he could watch some guy get slaughtered on television.

An ever bigger thanks to Hobby Lobby for putting all garland (Thanksgiving & Christmas--for those of us who like to decorate extra early) and wall art at 50% off. Now, if you could just manage adding those Christmas stockings to the sale, I'd be indebted for life!

Beaded garland, wheat stuff, and ceramic pumpkin on mantle

(Stairs by front door)

I have several more pictures, but for some reason Blogger won't allow me to add any of them except these two. Oh well. Just take my word--the walls look much "homier." Hope you have a great week. Don't get too chilly!


Luke & Amanda said...

Love the look!!! Bombay is going out of business and their Halloweed stuff is 60% off...they dont have much, but what they do have is cute! Christmas is 20% and so is the rest of the store!!

I also want to retract my statement made in mistake about your list. I am the one who wasnt keeping up!!

If you get bored tomorrow night, come up to 3E!Would love to hug your neck!!


Hilary said...

It looks so good! I love the leaves on the light fixture and the mantle looks wonderful. I am so proud (& surprised) of your fall (Christmas-less) decor! It really looks nice.

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