Monday, October 8, 2007

Rehashing of my Random Thoughts

Already Monday again. It was a fun, busy weekend. Friday I met mom and Kacie around noon for lunch and wedding shopping. We got quite a bit done! Everyone in the wedding who required jewelry now has it! Mom has both of her outfits for the wedding, and Kacie found a hairstyle she loves. The only thing we didn't find wedding wise was a wedding book with the shower registry inside where you write what gift you received from whom. We checked David's Bridal, Hallmark and Books a Million. Any suggestions on where else to look?

Friday night Andrew got home late from work. I was so glad to see him! His boss said since Andrew worked over on a Friday night that we could go out to eat on the company's tab. No problem; we love free steaks! We came home and watched TV, then fell asleep.

Saturday we did a little more wedding shopping, Andrew got his hair cut, and I unsuccessfully shopped for shoes. I HATE shoe shopping. I am uber picky about shoes, so nothing about the process is easy. Furthermore, if I don't come out with what I'm wanting (and half the time I can't put my finger on exactly what I want, which makes hunting the shoe much more difficult) I get in a bad mood. I'm putting this on my list of things to change about myself.

MUCH to my surprise, my husband knows a little thing or two about football. We were sitting in Abner's eating while a football game was on. If you know me at all, you know I know NOTHING about football. I was in college before I realized that one player kicked the ball to one end of the field and the team tried to get the ball to the other end to score. Seriously, I'm a sports idiot. Shockingly, Andrew starts mouthing out all this football information I never knew he obtained. I learned SO much about the game. I just have to hand it to my husband for knowing all that stuff I never knew he knew...AFTER 6 YEARS TOGETHER. That's a long time for a man to hide that he knows a thing or two about football. Either way, that night Kacie and Judd came over for a while and we watched the football game. I actually understood the game for the first time! Yay me! Maybe I'll tune in for the Superbowl this year for more than just the commercials.

I got crafty again tonight and made more stuff for the lingerie shower I'm throwing. It's going to be so cute and super girly. I wish I could post pictures, but Kacie visits my site regularly, and I want her to have some element of surprise on her party day.

Important things I want to share with you in no particular order:

1. You need to try the instant Oreo Pudding mix. It almost makes you feel like you're indulging in calorie rich, creamy Oreo ice cream. And just when you feel like guilt needs to settle in, it's out the window! It's pudding, not ice cream. So yummy.

2. I need to whiten my teeth, but I don't want to spend 30 dollars on a box of white strips. You see, no longer can I settle for the 14 day box; I would never make it through 14 hours of whitening strips. Now that the 7 day box is here, I'm striving for this one.

3. My 50 dollar hair cut was worth it. I've never gotten so many compliments on my hair in my life. However, for 50 dollars I can only get a haircut twice a year. Here's to hoping it doesn't grow out too much until April.

4. My husband is a genius. He fixed my car! Yay! No longer do I have to use a screw driver to shift from park to reverse. Thank goodness because I looked like a real redneck. Now to fix the tires and the windshield and change the oil.

5. They are talking about making us wear a standard uniform at work. I'm no fashionista, but I must say in my heart of hearts, the "no standard uniform" rule was a big plus on the Methodist side compared to Baptist. Our boss said a comment was made in a meeting that the cleaning staff looked more professional than its nurses did. I am here to say the patient who comes into the ER in dying pain does not care if I'm wearing a pink top with black pants or a dark maroon matching outfit. And if they don't care, I certainly don't. I was JUST about to buy some new uniforms, so I'm glad we were informed of this. I'm casting my vote for tie dyed uniforms so I can still wear my cute earrings. Hey, you gotta make scrubs look good somehow!

6. My free photo calender came in the mail from Kodak. It's super cute. I can't wait to hang it up in January. Well...I guess I can b/c then I would skip Christmas decorations. We don't wanna do that.

7. I plan on putting my tree up well before a week or so before. I don't care that the rest of the world is still celebrating turkey and cranberry sauce and fall leaves. I spend a lot of time decorating for the Christmas season and it only lasts a MONTH- compared to all other decorating seasons which last much longer. I've already decided with Andrew how the outdoors will be decorated and what the inside is going to look like. I even bought an "Our First House" Christmas ornament from Hallmark; however, it's not the one Hallmark has officially named their "Our First House" ornament. That one was super ugly. I got one that looks like the inside of a house with a fireplace that glows. I love it! I still want those 30 dollar monogrammed Christmas stockings, but I'll never buy them. Guess Santa will have to leave our stocking contents on the floor. ;)

For those of you who suffered through this terribly organized, choppy post, my sincere thanks goes out to you. It was basically a rehashing of my random thoughts. I'll try to include pictures in my next post to make it a little more interesting :) Hope you all have a blessed week!

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Luke & Amanda said...

You obviously have not been reading my blog lately, because I tagged you about 2 weeks ago to answer a I will be boycotting yours from now on.

Ok, maybe not! I am planning Luke's sisters bachelorette party for January, and would love to ehar your ideas! I am at work tonight in postpartum, so come visit :)


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