Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's Been A While...

No new posts usually means nothing too exciting in our household to blog about. Just the normal work-eat-sleep-live for weekend cycle. :)

Yesterday morning a man drove into the lobby of The Med in Memphis for some unknown reason. Someone speculated he had a heart attack. Who knows? But he plowed through glass, steel reinforced doors, sheetrock, and a receptionist's desk. He pinned two people underneath his car (one of them was a 90 year old woman) who are now in critical condition. Andrew was scheduled to be at the Med yesterday morning at 10am, but around 8:45am the Olive Branch clinic called and said something weird was going on with their wireless. Andrew decided he would drop by OB first. Good thing. The room he would have been working in at the Med was smashed by the car at 10:10...when Andrew would have been inside. I know God was watching over us. There's no doubt in my mind. I could have been in critical care with Andrew last night...or worse. Today when I pray for God to keep my family safe, I have even more confidence in my prayer. I hugged him extra tight last night when I went to bed.

Now on to my more boring dissertation of my weekend...

Friday morning I got off work and sleep for about 3 hours. Then, I met mom to go shopping for her a dress for The Wedding. It was a really fun time. We hardly ever get to spend time with just me and her, so it was a blessing. I got my hair cut at 5pm by Dave at Wilson Perry. Getting my hair cut is a pretty big deal since it hadn't been touched since February when I cut 10 inches off. He did a great job, but $50 for a haircut is more than I ever want to spend again. I guess he has to pay rent on his new place somehow...but out of my pocket? No thanks. I thought he'd cut me a break--I mean I'm an old customer AND my appt. was at 4, and he was running an HOUR late and asked me to come back at 5:15. Then he cut my hair for an hour and 45 minutes. That's right, readers. I didn't get out of the chair until 7:00pm. I was getting extremely antsy in that chair after the first hour! I love my hair...but I love my 50 dollars too. It'll be a tough decision next time, as I am not used to paying someone over 30 bucks to put some shears to my mop head.

Andrew's mom, Debbie, came down for the weekend to hang out with me on Saturday while Andrew worked at hunting camp. We always have fun together. She's super crafty and is always wanting to be on the go. I love that about her. We started her a new scrapbook page that I found in a magazine. It makes me want to get into scrapping, but I just don't want to devote all my money to it! Austin and Angela came for lunch and Austin's birthday celebration on Sunday which was fun. Ms. Debbie made Austin's favorite jello cake for dessert.We topped it with candles and a big 24. He graduates in December with his business degree. Austin spent the night so he could job shop the next day. He looked so grown up in his suit.

Anna came down Monday afternoon. She's ALWAYS a blast. She's the type of person who is so filled with compassion that it just flows over to others and makes you want to be more like her. Her new job at St. Jude's fits her so well! I know she's going to make differences in SO many people's lives there. She was so kind as to help me organize a few things for Kacie's bachelorette party in a few weeks. I'm getting excited. It's going to be so much fun! She and I ate at Dale's for dinner with all the senior citizens, then came home and watched hilarious You Tube videos. Check this out: Little Boy Falling in Rollercoaster while Janice laughs Histerically
I bet he hated Janice after this video and I bet Janice felt really stupid for just holding his hand.

I put up new curtains in my dining room. My sister said I should put some color in my dining room, so I ventured out. I think it gave the room the "pop" that it needed.

Well, I work tonight and I have nothing else to bore you with. Hope your week is blessed. Be the hands and feet of Jesus today...


Hilary said...

I love the curtains!! They are a perfect POP! The pictures of Austin are great! It looks like you had a good time.

kaciesblog said...

Oh my goodness. Your hair looks great! Your bangs look way better than mine! I think it may have been worth the 50.00. And the curtains definitely give it the POP that it needed! And I'm proud of you for getting something so bold and colorful!!! I updated my blog!

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