Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cleveland Shower and Greenville Visit

Kacie and Judd had a shower on Sunday in Cleveland, giving us a great reason to visit Andrew's mom in Greenville for the weekend. We left on Friday, shopped on Saturday and got great Christmas presents (yay me for starting early!), and showered on Sunday. We had a really good time getting away from the traffic and noise and being out in the country for a while with family and friends.

Funny story about my silly husband. I bought a shirt (pictured in Kacie's shower pictures below) about 2-3 weeks ago. The checker left the ink device on my shirt. You know, the one that basically says, "Messing with this ink device can cause damage to your garment. Do not screw around with it." I only discovered it was still attached when I put it on for her lingerie shower last week. I told Andrew on Friday I was going to take it back, and he decided he would try to get it off himself. I guess it really intimidated him because he hardly touched the thing. I know why now. Since I ripped my pinki toenail off as we were leaving Friday (ewww, I know) he was going to take it inside for me. As he was getting out he said, "Don't these things explode when you walk through the door?" What?? "Doesn't this ink thing explode at the door?" Wow. Explode. ha ha ha! No, honey. If it didn't explode when I was leaving with it, it won't explode when you return with it. I can't believe he's actually always thought they exploded. Sorry. Funny husband moment. He's better off in the deer stand than the mall. I admit it. ;) (Love you, dear)

Ms. Debbie has been scrapbooking around a year now. She's so creative! Look at the most recent page she made. I'm trying to convince her to frame it on the wall.

One highlight of the weekend was Saturday night's 45 minute bonfire. I say 45 minutes because that's how long it burned. We roasted those weenies fast. The gnats and mosquitoes were so horrible that night that I'll probably come down with West Nile next week. Either way, Trey, Megan, Hallie, Ethan, and Marty came over to have hot dogs and smores. I found out one positive thing about children is you always have constant entertainment...and exercise! We got lots of cute pictures...

So much fun! We got up early on Sunday and went to church with Judd's family at the Bolivar church of Christ. The singing was beautiful! We had lunch with his family, then headed out to the shower. It was held at the Baugh's gorgeous home out in the country. Beautiful! She got so much great stuff. It was a blast.

Kacie and I

(l to r: Mom, Mamaw Betty, Kacie, Mamaw Seago, Judd's grandmother)

The mother-daughter look alike. ;) Aunt Rita, Kacie

Mamaw Betty, Kacie

The sisters again. Everyone kept saying we look so much alike. We just don't see it!

Kacie, my nose, and I. Rhinoplasty is looking good.

So that's the summary of our weekend! We plan on going BACK next weekend for yet ANOTHER shower. These kids are LOVED. Have a blessed week!

P.S. Kacie, update your blog. It's been a MONTH!
P.S. 2- Please sign the guestbook or leave a comment. I'm getting lots of hits from all over, but I don't know who anyone is! Come out of the closet. You're not as much of a stalker as you think you are. lol!


Wade said...

Hey Audra,

"I can't believe he actually always thought they exploded."

Spontaneous combustion is always a factor guys have to consider!

In fact, I'd probably go shopping more often if there was a chance I'd see an ink bomb go off because the checker-outter "forgot to take off the tag."


Hilary said...

hey, how do you load your tracker?

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