Monday, December 17, 2007

12 Random Things about Christmas

Wade is constantly keeping me on my toes, and I love it. He always has something for me to post on. Thanks, Wade! Today's topic is to list 12 random things about Christmas pertaining to me. They can be anything Christmas related. In true fashion, my list is wordy. Here goes:

1. My favorite Christmas was when we got our silky terrier, Scooter. I was probably 8 and Kacie was 6. We have that morning recorded on video, and we love to sit down and watch it. Scooter was in a huge box in the middle of the room (don't worry-there were holes cut in the back for air) and we didn't even notice the box until Dad pointed it out! We ran over and opened the box. I was skiddish and didn't touch him. Kacie reached in and fearlessly picked up the dog. Kacie was the inquisitive one of the group. The video goes something like this:

Kacie: It's a dog! A real one!
Audra to Mom: Does it stay in the house?
Mom: Yes! He stays in the house.
Kacie: Does he get to live inside?
Mom: Yes, he gets to live inside. What are you gonna name him?
Kacie: Butterfly because that's Glenda's name! (it was actually her DOG'S name)
Mom: Well, Butterfly is a girl. This is a boy dog.
Kacie: (Very puzzled face) Then why does he have a bow in his hair?
Mom: Because it's a Christmas bow!

2. Did you have those random ugly decorations at your house growing up? I remember we had some that I absolutely LOVED as a child. Each year my mom begged us not to put them out that year, but those items signified Christmas to us. They were tradition. They had to be put out. So we put out the 4 plastic placemats of Santa's and Frosty's faces. We put out the dusty, chipped candles in the shape of Santa and Frosty. And to mom's dismay each year, we continued using the old mantle piece that was half way falling apart. I was thinking today that before our kids get old enough to remember these types of items, we need to rid ourselves of our junky Christmas decor so they won't want to keep it!

3. Putting up the Christmas tree Thanksgiving night as a kid. Dad usually didn't help, so it was just me, mom, and Kacie. It was so much fun. Hanging ornaments was our favorite part...and still is!

4. My mom's breakfast on Christmas morning. She makes biscuits and sausage balls and pancakes. We all sit around in our PJs amidst the mess of gift wrap, boxes, tissue paper, and presents and eat while some deer hunting show plays in the background. Thanks, Dad :)

5. Christmas Eve possibly tops Christmas day at our house because on Christmas Eve my Mamaw (and my Papaw when he was alive) comes over and we cook our traditional family meal. Don't laugh. Fried fish. This has been our Christmas Eve meal since I can remember. Mom and Dad say when I was super young they were discussing what everyone wanted to eat on Christmas Eve that year. No one wanted turkey or ham since they would eat that on Christmas day. Since my dad is a big fisherman and had stores of crappie left over, they voted on fish. And it stuck. Now we have fried fish, french fries or baked potatoes, cole slaw, hush puppies, banana pudding, and sweet tea on Christmas Eve. Afterwards, we open gifts and take pictures. It's always so much fun!

6. I love spending Christmas morning with Andrew now. I love seeing him get gifts and see him get so excited. It's a blast! This year we get to have Kacie and Judd on Christmas morning!

7. When we were kids all the way to teenagers, Kacie and I would sleep in the same bed on Christmas Eve. Kacie would always wake up first and want to run downstairs. However, the rule was both of us had to go down at the same time. I always wanted to 1) sleep longer 2) put in my contacts 3) brush my hair and fix it for pictures 4) as a teenager, put on make up before I made the trek down the stairs. This always made her so mad....and still does :)

8. One year for Christmas we got a talking dollhouse. There were three family members that you could set in the slots in each room. Depending on which doll was in the slot, they would say different things. They would talk to each other from each room. It had a working doorbell, lights, and water sounds. It was so cool to turn off the lights in the room and light up the dollhouse like it was nighttime. Kacie and I spent HOURS playing with the dollhouse. If I have a little girl, she'll definitely have a cool dollhouse.

9. I love wrapping gifts and putting on pretty bows and then stacking them all at my parents' house on Christmas Eve. All the gifts together take up 1/3 of the room. It's so much fun!

10. We always open stockings first at our house. Kacie and I have done it since we were little. They're always filled with candy, our favorite socks, pens, lipstick, nail polish, etc.

11. Our extended family which meets on Christmas Day plays Dirty Santa or Take Away instead of everyone feeling obligated to buy everyone else a gift. It's always so much fun!

12. I hate, hate, hate taking down my Christmas decorations. :( It leaves the house feeling bare and not as homey. I leave them up until the first weekend in January usually.

Well, I'll tag Kacie for when she gets back and Hilary if she ever gets internet access at work again. :)

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