Monday, December 17, 2007

We Survived!

Wow. This last week has been such a whirlwind of activity. I worked Monday and Tuesday nights and worked Wednesday and Thursday with wedding related stuff. Friday was the bridesmaid shower followed by the rehearsal dinner on the Tunica Queen. Saturday was wedding preparations all day! It turned out BEAUTIFULLY. I'm pretty sure it was everything Kacie & Judd wanted. It went off without a hitch, and now they're vacationing in beautiful Cancun. Meanwhile, sweet Oakley is staying with us while they're gone. He's been so good! He's a good companion in the car and he got a bath and brushed without complaining last night. He's lying here sleeping on my leg now. Awwww. As soon as I get pictures uploaded to my computer from the weekend, I'll post a few on the blog. :)

Hilary sent me an email this morning with a news clip and an article pertaining to the Christmas Tour she participated in this year in her "subdivision." Check out this clip from their local news starring the sisters! (Click on number 25 on the page)

Believe it or not, someone in a shopping mall asked me if I was pregnant the other day! Bold move? Yes. But she was right! My tummy is so big at times--I mean people can tell at only 9 weeks. Granted, it's a lot of bloat, but it looks like a pregnant tummy. My pants don't button and it shows through all my shirts. In other big news, according to babycenter and thenestbaby, we graduated to fetushood this week! Yay! I'm so ready for my next appointment so we can possibly do an ultrasound. I wanna hear this little heart beating!

My indigestion is better, as long as I don't lie down right after I eat. My food aversions are somewhat better, and I crave chocolate milk all the time. Probably a big no-no, but it's so satisfying. I'm sleeping a lot again, and I'm extremely emotional. I cried at 3 different songs in the car on Friday because they pertained to children/babies. This hormone surge is a crazy thing!

Andrew's mom is coming this weekend to celebrate Christmas with us since we won't be able to go down after Christmas like we usually do since I have to work. I took a day off this week because it's my birthday on Friday! Yay! We likely won't do anything special except go see National Treasure 2 because Andrew's been ready for it since the first one came out. I'm go for just about anything.

Before I end this post, I just have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to my husband. He cleaned the entire house this weekend by himself, did the grocery shopping, and cooked for me. He has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you, babe. :) You're the best.


Kelly said...

I craved chocolate milk, OJ, and ice cream throughout my entire pregnancy. The cold and sweet combination always sounded good. Indulge and enjoy!

And as far as the hormones go, if you're anything like me, they'll stick around for quite some time. I still feel like I'm extra-hormonal, and it's been a year since Tate was born. I was already a quick-crier, but pregnancy put me in a whole new category of waterworks. Weird, huh?

Andrew & Audra said...

Oh girl, yes! Anything sweet and cold. Chocolate milk. Ice cream. Frostys. Popsicles. I love the sweet/cold mixture!

If these hormones stay around after the birth, we're all in big trouble. I cry every day before work for no reason!!

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