Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Better Late than Never :)

Sorry I'm so late with posting these! Blogger has been a little booger and hasn't been allowing me to post or view pictures for 2 days now. Did anyone else have this problem? Anyway, here are the decor pictures for 2007 (minus the stockings and stocking hangers which got added after the photo session)!

Excuse the tags :)


Kelly said...

Pretty, pretty decorations. I'm always sad when it's time to take them down b/c my house feels so bare afterwards.

Wade said...

Tag, you're it!

Nice decor, by the way!

Hilary said...

great job!! I love the decor on the chandelier!!

Andrew & Audra said...

Me too, Kelly! The house feels so empty...not quite as homey, I guess. But i love it while it's here!

Thanks, Hil. Your decor is FABULOUS! ALL of it!

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