Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Are you up to the challenge?

So Wade, ever the witty one, challenged me to find an adjective describing myself using the letters of my name. We used to have to do this back in middle school and I always sucked at it. I remember a girl from my class named Felinisha. I always felt sorry for the long-named girl because her project took twice as long as most of ours to complete. Anywho...on with the challenge!

Affectionate- Or at least I try to be! What's a marriage without affection? What's a nurse if she has no affection for her patients? (Dr. Herren, you can laugh now about me not giving that man his most desired cup of coffee at 5:30 am. He wasn't the patient! ;) Hey, I'm working on this one.)

Understanding- Understanding where people come from, their backgrounds and their feelings, puts everything into perspective! (However understanding does not equal condoning!)

Delicate- When it comes to my emotions, I'm 100% female. I read into other people's facial expressions and their tones when they're speaking with me. If it's harsh, ouch. It takes me a while to recover afterwards. I've had this problem trait since I was really young!

Reasonable- Especially in discussions or arguments, I attempt to be reasonable or logical. Putting yourself in someone else's shoes helps in the long run. It also helps in attempting to aid others' with their problems.

Annoying- This one's for my husband (and because I couldn't think of another word starting with A). :) Because the last few weeks I've been pretty annoying! I ask a lot and he always meets my expectations and loves me anyway! Thanks, hun.

Hilary, you're it.


Wade said...

Annoying people rock!

(I should know 'cause I'm one of them!)

Great job! Thanks for playing!


Curmudgeon said...

You have an unconditional pardon from all such criticisms as failing to fetch a cup of coffee for the husband of a patient undoubtedly at her fleeting few moments before meeting her Creator. Who cares if he subsequently slips off into a drowse as she reveals to him her first few visions of Valhalla! He should had known to nap in the shank of the afternoon in preparation for her demise, shouldn't he?


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