Friday, December 28, 2007

Week 11=2nd Trimester?

Unfortunately, not MY ultrasound. Just an example of baby bean :)

My OB office sent me an email today saying based on my due date I'm 11 weeks and now officially in the 2nd trimester. I always thought it was at least a week later, but whatever! This is what my email said:

"Imaging of baby during the 10/11th week has become progressively more informative. By week eleven your little peapod is kicking, swallowing and moving around. The arms and legs are separate from the body and can be seen moving freely within the amniotic fluid.

Ultrasound imaging reveals baby's eyes, orbits and profile clearly. Number of fingers and toes is evident and can be counted. The outline of the spine is visible, and external genitalia are beginning to show. Just about everything is in place. About all that is left now is for things to grow, lengthen, and get larger. By the end of the week, the risk of congenital abnormalities goes down."

Yay! All great things to hear. I can't wait to see that ultrasound!

I FEEL like I'm in the 2nd trimester--more energy, much less nausea (only have nausea when Andrew breaks out that home made deer jerky...and I can't promise that's pregnancy related), less emotional, less bloating etc etc. I no longer cry every night before work, wondering how I'll stay awake through a 12 hour shift listening to people whine about a zit on their elbow. Basically, life is just grander everywhere I look!

One pregnancy scare this week occurred Wednesday night as I was getting ready for work. I decided I wanted to hear the music of my baby's heart to lift my spirits. I lay on the bathroom rug as usual with my blob full of cold jelly on my tummy. I moved the doppler right where I've found it for the last week. No heartbeat. I move it around some more, sure that baby is hiding from me. Still nothing. I was getting panicky. I decided to take a shower to destress and try again. After all, I had no miscarriage symptoms (bleeding, cramping, etc). Andrew came home as I was getting out of the shower so I made him stay with me while I covered myself in goop again. Still no heartbeat. I was really getting scared. It hit me just how much this sweet baby means to me. I decided to move the doppler alllll the way to the left side of my abdomen. Strong, fast baby heart beat. It was literally the most beautiful, reassuring sound in the world. Baby Bean is definitely a prankster, we decided. How in the world the 2 inch bean moved 8 inches in 1 day, I don't know--but he/she did. Let's not play jokes like that on Mommy anymore!


Wade said...

Hey A,

I loved hearing the heart beat as well so I went out and bought the $20 goop-less monitor - BIG MISTAKE!!!

It never worked once! Every time we tried, it only caused us to worry. Sounds as though you've got a more sophisticated one.

I got to a point where I stop trying to find the heartbeat all together because it just kept making us fear the worst!

Glad you're feel better these days!


Andrew & Audra said...


We definitely didn't splurge on the doppler, but were lucky enough to borrow my mom's from the clinic she works for. When I told her this story, she told me she was going to take it away from me so I'd quit stressing when I couldn't find it. ;) I said, No way! It gives me more assurance than not! ;)

Kelly said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling better. That didn't start for me until about week 14, so count your blessings! :)

The 2nd trimester does feel so much better. Enjoy every minute b/c then the 3rd trimester seems to get tough again.

Scares like that are not fun. Isn't it crazy how much it makes you realize that you love this little unknown person so much already. So glad that heart is beating strong! Fun!!!!

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