Tuesday, January 22, 2008

For Kacie...

Since you weren't able to be here last Sunday for Mamaw's 74th birthday, I'll catch you up.

She opened Aunt Dianne and Uncle Hale's Christmas present. Awesome smelling candles.

I got her a picture album and put the baby's sonogram picture in the front. We also got her Burt's Bees stuff.

Ms. Shirley hand-knitted her a scarf. It was so cute!

Mom & Dad got her a leather coat and gloves. She was so cute trying it on.

Deda knitted the baby 2 blankets and 3 pairs of shoes!!

Look how precious! The all white pair have little bows you can snap off and on. The other white pair are knitted tennis shoes! We decided Andrew needs a multicolored pair with sunshine buttons to match the baby's. :)

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kaciesblog said...

Those baby booties are adorable! Mamaw got lots of good stuff! I'm so sad I missed it. I'm glad it went well. I love you!

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