Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just for Kicks

I must admit the comments I've heard from previously gestating women concerning the amazement over feeling a baby kick inside the body were absolutely correct. I LOVE feeling the little flutters inside my abdomen and the kicks that we can even feel on the outside. If you're wondering, no, Andrew hasn't felt it yet because I can't ever get his hand on my stomach fast enough to feel them. When I feel the baby start kicking I can put my hand on my lower abdomen and I'll feel 2 or 3 per "kicking session."

Last night I was falling asleep when little dude went to town practicing his/her soccer skills. S/he has never kicked quite that much. It made me wonder whether s/he is in there smiling and kicking from excitement or getting mad and kicking me for revenge.

My pregnancy letter this week says that at 19 weeks (which is Friday) baby can hear music & voices from the outside world. This is the point I've been waiting for! Someone to listen to me ramble on and on and sing all those off key notes and never complain. ;) The baby can also start to taste things this week, including foods I eat via the amniotic fluid. That seems so strange to me. I guess it's really going to like the taste of his/her Daddy's chocolate chip cookies because I've eaten an entire batch this week. ;)

Just 1 week and 2 days until we hopefully have gender determination! Even more than that we're just looking forward to seeing the ultrasound and ruling out any abnormalities that can be identified at this stage. Keep us in your prayers.

I've really been struggling with my sleeping schedule and working nights. 12 hours is a LONG time for my body to keep going. There are times when I lie in bed for 5 and 6 hours, exhausted but wide awake. It seems I can't sleep well unless Andrew is at home. I know that sounds crazy, but it's the truth. I work 40 hours this week in the crazy CRAZY ER so keep me in your prayers that I LIVE. :)

Results of my cardiac echo came back just fine. They're putting me on a Holter monitor for a day to monitor for any odd stuff. My heart still skips a beat quite often. My cardiologist didn't seem to believe me until he heard it. I admit, it does sound kinda cool. :) I had a run of SVT (super fast heartrate) on Friday night at work when I was carrying about 15 lbs and had to climb 4 or 5 steps. It lasted 1 minute maybe and went away, but it's scary when it happens because I don't want it to affect the baby. The cardiologist was trying to talk me into an ablation after the baby's born. I don't think he was understanding that the symptoms don't bother me enough to have someone messing with my heart. No ablation for me yet.

Anyway, thanks for all your thoughts and prayers recently. We'll definitely keep you updated with our little one's progress!


Shannon said...

Caffeine has never seemed to effect either of my babies. I'm convinced it's because they basically had Coke for amniotic fluid during each pregnancy (okay, maybe that is a tad dramatic...I really tried to only drink one a day) and got used to it.

Crazy about your heart stuff. I'm with you on the ablation thing. No need to go messing around in there quite yet!

Shannon said...

Oh, and I could have sworn I kept feeling baby kicks the day after Morgan was born. I guess I was so used to her doing gymanastics in there!!

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