Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My 100th Post!

100th Post!!!

I think Post #100 is supposed to be considered some kind of landmark. Maybe that I have way too much time on my hands or way too much thinking in my head that normal people wouldn't dwell on. Either way, it's been 100 posts--some funny, some sad, some sarcastic, and some complaining in nature-- and so much has happened since I started blogging. Let me see if I can recall the biggies:

-Orientation as a nurse
-Andrew turned 26
-Put on my big girl drawers and was an R.N. "on my own"
-Vacationed with Justin & Hilary in July (update, Hilary-haha)
-Andrew got a new truck, which he still dotes upon
-Innertubed for the first time in August--go me for still being able to walk
-Lost a family member in August
-One year anniversary of Papaw's death
-Kacie turned 21
-Lots of showers/celebrations for Kacie & Judd
-Found out we were pregnant!
-Kacie & Judd got married
-Christmas 2007
-Saw the rest of our lives on an ultrasound monitor

I seriously cannot imagine what the next few months is going to bring (besides a baby, of course). Thank you God for the immeasurable amount of blessings you shower upon us daily even though we don't deserve them!

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Wade said...

Happy 100th!

Here's a hypothetical: Would you read your next 100 posts today if you could?

Half me says "yes" in an instant but then I'm afraid of what I would find!

Hope you're feeling well!


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