Monday, February 4, 2008

Random Recap

It always takes so long for the weekend to get here, and when it finally does arrive, it goes by more quickly than I can enjoy. It goes by even more quickly if you go to bed at 7pm like some crazy pregnant women do. Kacie and Judd were in town this weekend with their adorable puppy gang (see new lab Reese on left). We went shopping for a while on Saturday morning where I found some awesome maternity deals at Kohls (3.40 for an adorable summer shirt!). We went to mom & dad's new house afterwards to help put a few odd and end things into place. Their big move date is February 16th. Unfortunately, even though I requested not to work the night of the 15th, I got scheduled. Grand. Not sure how long I'll be able to function that day, but I'll give it a whirl. Their new house is sooo beautiful & perfect for them. It's on 3 acres with a pond in the backyard.

It seems strange that this house doesn't seem like my parents' home yet because it's all so new. There are no real memories in the house yet. However, this is the only house my kids will remember my parents in. It will seem to them as though they've always lived there. Just a strange feeling. :)

We had an incredible sermon on Sunday at church. The guest speaker was a professor from Abilene Christian University. Even though the whole service ran a lot longer than usual, I don't think anyone looked at their watch to see 'how much longer' it would be. So inspiring. We had a potluck fellowship afterward and got to visit with family/friends. We all went out to Anna's new house afterwards in Coldwater. It's so cute. It sits in the country, overlooking the hillside filled with cows and a pond. She has the sweetest little front porch to put a swing on. Baby & I will be making lots of trip to visit in the future!

Kacie & I

Anna, Kacie, and I

Other random thoughts this week:

-I'm pulling together insurance stuff for baby--so fun
-I have a maternal-fetal consult with the cardiologist on Friday
-Representing the paleness of the Earth, I'm now down to Clinique's lightest foundation color.
-I love, love, love my new maternity pants. Makes me wanna wear elastic when I'm NOT pregnant! (j/k)
-I love my husband even more for taking me to Chick-fil-A for a hashbrown on Saturday morning when he still had an hour & a half left to sleep.
-I love him for all the other stuff he puts up with--usually with a smile!

Well, I went to bed at 7pm last night and missed the Superbowl (sleep seemed so much more of a priority at that point) and woke up at 7am. Now, of course, I have work tonight so I'm going to be exhausted. :) Guess I better see if I can take a nap. Have a blessed week!


Wade said...

Who from ACU spoke at your church? My guess is Mike Cope!

Andrew & Audra said...

Hm, I think his name was Randy Harris. Does that ring a bell?

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