Monday, March 10, 2008

Weight Gain & Buying Frenzy

Weight: 137.5
Gain: 8.5 lbs! I'm afraid I'm going to get a lecture for gaining a pound a week for the last month. That's not supposed to happen until months 7-9. Whoops. Looks like I'll be learning to eat those carrot sticks.

Week 21

Week 21

I know I'm not huge, but I think I look a lot bigger than I feel...except when I want to bend, turn over, or get up out of a cushy seat. It is as this time that you'll experience my new unmistakable noise--a grunt. It's oh-so-attractive, but it seems to make these transitions a little easier and it gives Andrew something to make fun of me for. ;)

Little Man is just as active as ever. Andrew and Kacie have both felt him kick now several times. He's also started doing some other movement that feels like a somersault or as if he's running his feet across my stomach. Last night I actually felt movement on both sides of my stomach at the same time--as if he were stretching his body and I could feel hands at one side and feet at the other. It was pretty cool! His movements are my FAVORITE things in the world right now. I can't help but smile really big when he does it. They thrill me! Hopefully we'll be able to see these movements soon on the 4D ultrasound! Andrew's has a good friend at work who dates a girl at the office. She has taken us under her wing and been so nice to us! One of her perks is her ability to get a discount on 4D ultrasounds, and she offered it to us. We were so excited, as were the grandparents! April 19th is the big day. We can't wait to see his little face--and if he really has his mother's lips like the previous ultrasounds make it seem.

I'm getting so excited about baby's room! It really starts getting real when you begin buying stuff for the baby and making a space for him. Something about not just planning any longer and actively doing something makes it seem like not such a distant thing. Here are a few things we've gotten so far:

Eli's Elephant line by PBK. Blanket, sheet in middle, crib skirt on right. We've registered for a green breathable bumper.

Paint colors for the room. Blue will be on top, white chair rail in the middle (bought it yesterday), and green on the bottom with large white polka dots.

Automatic Sprinkler onesie (thanks to his daddy), bib (thanks to his daddy), polka dot passy holder, and "not socks" leggings (thanks to his mommy) ;)

Curtain rod finials

He also got 50 blue hangers, blue lined baskets, and a few other odd and ends this weekend. I can't wait to get it painted and get the crib in here so it feels like a little boy's room! More to come...


Hilary said...

all fab choices. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. so exciting!!!

The Glenn Gang said...


Andrew & Audra said...

Thank you!! We'll definitely be posting progress pictures.

Lori said...

your belly is soooo beautiful! so fun. enjoy it. i'll try to call you sometime soon; my sleeping schedule is crazy-- like yours. feel free to call; can't guarantee i'll be awake/free to answer, but please call if/when you want to. love you!!

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