Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fat, Fluffy and...Not Full?

(The best picture that resembles me right now.)

Okay so I've gained 8 lbs in 4 weeks. YIKES! When the assistant wrote my weight down in my chart she said, "Whoa! You've gained a LOT in the past month!" I'm pretty sure my face turned bright red, and I attempted to suck in my fat stomach, but it didn't budge. I just knew sweet, gentle Dr. Harper would eat my lunch (and dinner and breakfast!) for my weight gain, but she said she wasn't concerned since I really hadn't gained any prior to now. She explained that some women gain weight around now and then again between 27-30 weeks. That was a relief. She did add, however, that if I come back next time with another 10 lbs added on that she'll have great cause for concern. (Mental note to self: stop with the starches and sweets!)

No one ever told me that pregnant women don't get full. I knew they ate a lot, but seriously I can eat a meal for 2 or 3 people and never get that "full feeling" in my gut that used to be so satisfying--and a sign to quit eating.

On a very positive note, she said:
-Baby's heart rate was in the 150s--good and strong--and he had the hiccups today. He's practicing swallowing that amniotic fluid. Good job, little man!

-Our ultrasound of his brain, spine, heart, kidneys, arms, legs, abdomen, etc looked "perfect".

-All blood results came back excellent.

On a less than thrilling note, I have to do the gestational diabetes test (1 hour glucose test) on April 11. That bottle of orange sugar is probably the only thing that doesn't look appealing. Did I mention you have to drink it within a 5 minute time period? Ick.

Nothing much more to mention other than I start back to work tomorrow night after a 5 night long hiatus--which has been a Godsend! Maybe we'll have a POTW story after tomorrow night? Let's hope not!

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Shannon said...

Just wait until you are about 30 weeks...you will get full! It will hit so fast too. You will totally enjoy a meal and then 20 minutes later feel so miserable you want to make yourself throw it all up! Not fun.

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