Monday, April 7, 2008

Growing Boy!

We reached a huge mile-marker this week! According to Blue Cross Blue Shield, the survival rate for a 25 week preemie is 50-80%. After 27 weeks, that percentage goes up greatly. Keep on growing, baby boy!

Speaking of growing, there is no doubt he is doing just that...all the way up to my rib cage. It feels as though someone has kicked me several times under each side of my ribs, and they're bruised. I wonder why it feels that way? ;) His kicks are much stronger as well! I can feel his turns and movements with much more force than I could 2 weeks ago. Sunday morning at 4:15 I woke up bouncing. I was lying on my side (half way on my stomach), and he was kicking with full strength at the bed! What else could I do but feed him and hope he'd go back to sleep? Worked like a charm. ;)

My favorite new thing is when I feel his little hand or foot with my two fingers. I can feel the distinct outline of them, and he'll punch or kick me if I push against them gently. It's amazing to know I'm holding his little hand through just a small layer of tissue. And because I love it so much, I'm a really mean mommy and poke him a lot. Daddy likes to poke him too. Then other relatives like to get in on the action. :) Even people at church who I don't know like to come and rub the belly. I love it though, because they're just showing how wonderful a baby is!

Andrew is so sweet. He sings to him, talks to him, kisses him, blows strawberries at him....sometimes I have to remind him that I'm there as well! ;) No, really, he's going to make a TERRIFIC dad. If our son grows up to be just like his daddy, this will be one really proud mommy. :)

A girl at church had her 3 week old out for the first time on Sunday. Then there was this adorable blonde headed boy toddling around with his crackers. It made me want to see my son soooo badly. This is really when the hand holding through the belly helps. I yearn to kiss him and smell his sweet skin. I know, I know. "It will be here before I know it!"

My FABULOUS coworkers are throwing me a shower next Sunday at Ms. Ann's house. I'm so excited! I can't wait! I can't believe I'm getting this close...I'll have to make sure to get lots of pictures of the event to post.

The still nameless baby boy is kicking away while my stomach growls. Guess I'll give in to the urge and grab a bite to eat! Have a fabulously blessed day!



Wade said...

Even though I get to wrestle with my 16-month old everyday, I'm actually get jealous when couples say they both can feel their baby move around in the womb.

I felt Tate a couple of times but NEVER so much as being able to see or feel fingers or toes. A friend told me her baby once stretched so big that she could see the profile of her baby on her tummy! I think that would freak me out!

All that to say that it's funny to read how you are jealous of all the young families you see while I still get a little jealous when I hear of you guys talk about how you both get to "interact" with your baby!

Enjoy this while you can because the interaction will go to a whole new level before you know it!!

Glad you're doing well!

Andrew & Audra said...


I can't imagine seeing my baby's profile. Kinda freaky! I look forward to being able to see a little foot poking out or a little hand. :)

Tate is so, so precious. I loooove the video of him playing in the water on your vacation. That super excited squeal was precious! (Once again, jealous of you being with your son!)

Thanks for dropping by. :)

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