Thursday, April 10, 2008


Triage note: "Mom states child has piece of flesh hanging in nose." Listed as non-emergent (aka-go home).

Did she try to get it out? Why, no. It was an emergent situation that required her to act on her feet to get to the ER ASAP! Has the child been sniffing dead flesh? What might you think this "piece of flesh" would be? That's right. A booger.

Booger- a piece of dried mucous in or of the nose. (from

I bet that's the most expensive booger to ever exist. She should submit that booger to the Guinness Book of World Records. Maybe they'd give her some money for the photo rights.


Wade said...

That's crazy! Yet while you're teaching the kid how to pick his nose you've got a Code Blue in the next room, right?

That being said, they could probably get some cash to for the booger on Ebay if it somehow resembled either the virgin Mary or President Lincoln!

Love POTW!

Shannon said...

I'm really enjoying your POTW!

I always dreaded triage, especially later in the day (or earlier in your case). There are some looney people out there!

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